Highlight of topics and issues that formed part of an address by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Saturday November 3, 2018

Tonight I wish to appeal to long suffering workers and masses of Nigeria to ignore the establishment propaganda and join IPOB election boycott. Only election boycott can save the long suffering masses across every political persuasion and ethnic divide. That Nigerian politicians, lawyers, judges and media allowed Britain and the handlers of Jubril to make a mockery of supposedly 180 Million people including loud mouthed intellectuals is so pathetic that I now know black Africans have no hope unless we change our way of reasoning.

I am addressing you this evening from the studios of the one and only Radio Biafra here in Israel. It has been said that Radio Biafra is the greatest university on earth and unarguably the most popular radio station in Southern Hemisphere. At one point in the past, for those of you who can still recall, there was a time we were ranked the number one radio station in the  whole world for two consecutive weeks. We beat the likes of BBC Radio, VOA and Talk Sports and within a short space of time, became the most listened to radio station on earth. We are back again, stronger than ever before and the Zoo must collapse whether they like it or not.

We must preach this unorthodox gospel of liberation of the Kingdom of heaven on earth from this hallowed platform. There is only one IPOB, there is only one Radio Biafra. Efforts by the Fulani Caliphate to bribe some criminal elements to replicate Radio Biafra and IPOB to serve the Zoo interest have failed woefully. Their shame is permanent and indelible. Local thieves and political scavengers may try all they can with their corrupt political sponsors to divide IPOB but they are wasting their time, money and effort and they know it.

Before we proceed this evening, we must salute the courage and sacrifice of Shi’ite protesters and Sheikh El-Zakzaky supporters who despite the slaughter of their members, are still courageously demanding for the release of their leader in true IPOB style. ‪We must bear in mind that PROTESTERS yesterday blocked the motorcade of President Trump and he simply turned back to use another road. But an illiterate savage like Buratai murdered over a thousand people because they blocked his way. The saddest part is that Yoruba media houses supported the killing of innocent people. A black man is evil and that is why God in heaven abandoned Africa.

I want to assure Shi’ite protesters that their persistence will eventually pay off. The British backed despotic government of Nigeria, ceremoniously headed by Jubril a Sudanese have been going around Abuja murdering innocent protesters in cold blood the same way IPOB was massacred by this same Fulani army of darkness. Instead of Abuja residents to show solidarity with the protesters, they chose to play the role of traffic guide by telling people the areas to avoid. No moral outrage, no righteous indignation, people just carry on as if nothing happened. These episodic slaughter of innocent in Nigeria and the criminal silence of the population makes me wonder if the masses for which we are dying for are actually worth saving.

I must thank the United States government for stepping up to demand a probe into the killings and for the Sunni extremists within the army responsible for such carnage to be brought to book. I tweeted the US to take action and now they have, we must plead with them to maintain the pressure until a thorough investigation is conducted. Their only crime is to demand the release of their leader. If you are looking for confirmation that Nigeria is a Satanic entity worse than a Zoo, observe how your average Nigerian appears unconcerned about the slaughter of fellow human beings. When the civilized world refer to Africans as monkeys, apes and baboons, we get irrationally upset but the truth is that the wickedness in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular will put Lucifer to shame. Wild beasts in the forest cannot be as callous as a Nigerian. The level of wickedness is mind blowing. It reminds of the same way a few hundred Europeans came and empties the entire west cost of Africa of able bodied men, women and children and held them down as farm animals for 400 years. There is something wrong with the brain of a black person. We are an evil wicked race.

Of what use is your vote during elections when a certificateless impostor of a president and entire executive arm of government cannot obey simple court order. The least the cabal could have done to save themselves this international embarrassment is to go to Sudan and get whatever Arabic certificate the impostor may have had.

How many times did a court of law order that El-Zakzaky should be released? How many times have the courts ruled that Sambo Dasuki should be freed? How can Nigerians pretend they are practicing democracy when the supposed dividend of democracy which is obedience to the rule of law cannot be adhered to. Is it the same God that created other races that created we black Africans? Our wickedness is mind blowing. No wonder other races treat us like animals. Is it a surprise that Africa is the most backward continent in the world? The one sign of hope which is South Africa was built by white Europeans. Give it a few more years and watch wicked black people run it into the ground. I speak the truth, I don’t have time for self pity. Black people are wicked. El-Zakzagy must be freed alongside Dasuki and all political detainees.

Had the Zoo Nigeria succeeded in killing me, by now Ohaneze, Igbo governors and failed agitators turned property tycoons would be celebrating. This is the extent of evil we are seeking to purge from our land, where jealousy will drive somebody to conspire with our enemies the irredentist core North to kill your brother. Biafra will not be like any other wicked black Africa country,  that is why it must be founded on truth, transparency and honesty under Almighty Creator Chukwu Okike Abiama. Anything else and I won’t be a part of it. My prayer tonight is that if Biafrans are going to be as evil and wicked as Nigerians, let Biafra not come.

Jubril has been issued a brand new certificate by WAEC just like that. Only this time around they omitted mathematics unlike the one they issued in 2015. This is what I mean by the inbred corrupt nature of a black man. A man without basic certificate have suddenly acquired one because power doesn’t reside with the people. Stopping elections is the best way to save what is left. How do Nigerians intend to stop a mad desperate Fulani cabal that forged a certificate for their puppet, intent on remaining in power? Don’t forget that Britain is in support of Buhari and US will dare not interfere in an area of British influence in Africa. When the Fulani jihadi INEC announce victory for Jubril-Buhari next year what will you do? Nothing as usual. There is nothing anybody can do to stop the criminal Fulani cabal because they have the backing of Britain. The best thing to do is to support IPOB to chase away the impostor because that thing there is not Buhari. The question we should all be asking is, where is Buhari’s death certificate?

Nigerians are so dumb that I don’t know if their stupidity will ever be cured. They think everything is about Biafra not knowing what we are doing is about everybody. Africa will never be developed until Biafra is liberated.

Is it possible to attest to a non-existent result? This was a man a group of Pastors, clergies, elders, opinion leaders, traditional rulers, so-called intellectuals etc gathered together and called him integrity personified. Not just the dead Buhari but this idiot from Sudan.

This was a man some Christian leaders visited and thanked for his impeccable integrity and encouraged him for working hard to make Nigeria better even on the face of contradicting events and developments. This is a man millions of Nigerians are campaigning for and ready to die for on the platform of pedestrian integrity. Even WAEC the apex exam board threw integrity to the wind. APC through Jubril-Buhari has revealed the best of the worst in Nigerians.

Shameless dysfunctional old men celebrating the death of the soul of a nation – for a nation that runs on the wheels of demonic values driven by insatiable want, greed, avarice and gluttony.

The soul of Nigeria is dead along with Buhari. As somebody rightly observed “Whoever created Nigeria must have taken instruction from Satan”.


Some of the prominent names that helped send the late Buhari to Aso Rock in whose name that thing they imported from Sudan is making mockery of every black person on earth. They call themselves intellectuals, intelligentsia, academics, thinkers and elites but in actual fact their brains are empty. They are dumb, lack vision, foresight and judgement.

1. Oby Ezekwesili

2. Fela Durotoye

3. Atiku Abubakar

4. Omoyele Sowore

5. Donald Duke

6. Kingsley Moghalu

7. Charles Soludo

8. Pastor Tunde Bakare

9. Pastor Sunday Adelaja

10. Father Ejike Mbaka

11. Professor Pastor Yemi Osibanjo

12. Tam David West

13. Professor Wole Soyinka

14. Rev. Chris Okotie

These people actually believed that Buhari had what it takes to lead Nigeria into a first world. These people went to school. Some claimed to have direct access to God. Some are gifted with “prophesies”. They read history.

They were more than 20 years in 1983 when Buhari shot himself to power. They saw Buhari murder innocent Nigerians in 1983. They saw Buhari destroy the economy in 1983. They saw the role Buhari played in Abacha’s government. They read all the threats of violence by Buhari against the nation. They saw Buhari harass Lam Adesina Oyo State Governor because of Fulani herdsmen.

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They saw Buhari led the sharia protest that claimed the lives of innocent Nigerians in 2001. They saw everything this man did. They knew him too well to miss the little details of his violent life.

But they were united in hatred. Hatred for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. One among the few Nigeria leaders that actually wanted Nigeria to work. They exploited his humility. They exploited his kindness. They danced and made merry in Ojota. They mobilised thugs to stone a sitting President. Jonathan never gave the order to open fire but ordinary Buratai‘s was blocked. They harassed his family wherever they went. Because they are from the hated minority who must not be king. For Kings must come from the Fulani lineage. Jonathan must not loot also.

For looters must come from enablers of evil. These are intellectuals. Amongst whom are Pastors and Prophets. Wisdom failed! Prophesies failed! If WAEC issued fake WAEC attestation to Buhari. It is possible many Nigerian “intellectuals” are working with fake certificates.

I concur with those that see these unfolding events as the tragedy of a people; the tragedy of a country. Nigeria is dead not dying because whether you are pagan or animist, it doesn’t matter anymore. Whether you are Christian, Muslim or Jew it doesn’t matter. Whether you are a traditionalist or idol worshipper, it doesn’t matter either. The truth is that everyone is needed to chase away the impostor back to Sudan and to hold Abba Kiyari and his Fulani Mafia gang to account. As long as you have any shred of  humanity and still care for the millions of poor suffering who by virtue of the antecedents of these Fulani criminals can’t afford a square meal a day, you are morally obligated to join this fight to end impunity from both APC and PDP. Both parties are evil and will only our lives more miserable.

This is an auspicious moment in our lives. God have exposed the foundations of darkness and evil holding Nigerians to ransom. Future generation will look back at this period and ask, what did you do when you knew an impostor was imposed on you? This is a well packaged fraud-signed, sealed and delivered by Britain. Because without Britain, there is no way Fulani cattle herders could have pulled off such a stunt.

Now consider this, there was no West African Senior School Certificate in 1961 as noted in Jubril’s fake WAEC result. Is it not obvious to all and sundry that SSS started around 1989/1990? Which people or population can tolerate this level of criminality if not black African people.

Another question we must ask is this, why did the late Buhari hire over a dozen top lawyers, all Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) in 2015 to defend a fabricated certificate? What type of society on earth can condone this? This shows that all arms of governance in Nigeria is involved in this fraud and cover-up including the judiciary. This scandal has tainted everybody from the Senate to the National Judicial Council. The judiciary in Nigeria have made itself an accessory to fraud and election manipulation by failing to rule on the invalidity of the 2015 forged Buhari certificate.

I have some questions for WAEC:

How is it that Buhari’s result attestation is being issued under West Africa Senior School Certificate, a system not yet in existence in 1961? How can an institution like WAEC that was not in existence in 1961 be attesting to the certificate of examination they did not conduct? By involving themselves in this fraud, they have rendered every result or certificate they ever issued null and void.

Has anyone seen the passport photo of the dead president Buhari when he was 19 years old in 1961? He even sat for Hausa Language as a subject in the forged 1961 WAEC examination certificate, meanwhile Hausa language was only introduced into Nigerian curriculum in 1975.

In the previous 2015 forged result submitted and accepted by INEC, there was mathematics in it. Which implied that Buhari sat for mathematics. But in the latest 2018 WASC result presented to Jubril for the purposes of fulfilling INEC’s requirements, there is no mathematics. How is that possible? It’s either the 2015 certificate is fake or the latest version is. Either way, Jubril, WAEC, the Aso Rock cabal and all those present during the presentation of the fake certificate should be arrested immediately for fraud, forgery and deception. WAEC can never issue certificate, whether attestation certificate or confirmation certificate, to a candidate in examination it didn’t conduct. WAEC never conducted exams in 1961, it was University of Cambridge! This is the same WAEC that said repeatedly in 2015 it couldn’t find Buhari’s record.

This is the reason why I instructed IPOB lawyers to file a case of international fraud, forgery and deception against WAEC before Ghanaian courts. Whoever runs WAEC or responsible for this heinous crime should be tried and if found guilty jailed. In the US the Democrats are up in arms over suspected Russian meddling in their elections, but in our dark, ignorant, backward Africa, ordinary examination body is seeking to fraudulently install an alien president on the people of Nigeria.

The tendency for we Africans to gravitate towards deceit and evil must be brought to an end. An expired country like Nigeria being run by an impostor for the benefit of a few illiterate corrupt Fulani men should not be allowed to stand. I feel sorry for the youths whose lives are being drained away on a daily basis, no hope, no future but are being asked to vote. These are the same people  that will announce fraudulent and rigged election results next February and the pauperized population will gladly swallow it. Unbelievable! Truly there is something wrong with our brain as black people.

The greatest enemy of a black man is poor reasoning. The only political change a black man ever understand is violent military coup. We the people don’t change anything ourselves in Africa, we wait for others to do it for us. I was told during Anambra elections that some slaves collected 1,000 Naira each to vote. The consequence of poor reasoning is slavery. After voting, has anything changed in Anambra? The answer is no. That is why Nigerians are slaves today and in all likelihood shall remain slaves forever unless they join IPOB to boycott presidential elections in 2019.

Country forged | President forged Certificate forged | Census forged

Independence forged | Their foundation forged | Name of their country Forged. Everything about Nigeria is forgery but there is no moral outrage amongst the population because Nigeria is not one nation but a country of many diverse nations. We black Africans don’t have the courage to confront evil. We are too afraid in Africa to confront evil, that is why things will neither change nor improve.

In any other civilized country of the world, Jubril the impostor in Aso Rock will be disgraced, impeached and jailed. Abba Kiyari, Ali Mungono, Dan Ali Munsur and the midget El-Rufai will be placed under immediate arrest for subverting the constitution of the country. What they have committed is high crimes and misdemeanor, but because the almighty creator Britain is behind the Fulani cabal, nothing will happen. Media houses will not conduct investigative journalism to uncover the truth or hold anybody to account but instead they will be looking to defend the indefensible in exchange for money. The world can now understand why they want me killed and IPOB proscribed. IPOB is the only true savior of the masses. Everybody must queue behind IPOB to send the imported impostor Jubril back to Sudan. Britain can take all the damned oil and gas in Biafraland and leave us alone. The greatest resource is a man’s brain not resources in the ground. We just want to be free.

The program to fully unmask Jubril will continue throughout this month but there are a few things I want you Biafrans and Nigerians alike to look out for in the interim. Total unmasking of Jubril will be a collective effort. Everybody must get involved because I can’t effectively analyse DNA results in a radio broadcast. It’s an exercise meant for television. Four experts will be coming from the United States of America to help me dissect the results this month. It will be in front of an audience here in Israel. In the interim, everybody must get involved by investigating a few anomalies about Jubril the impostor in Aso Rock, because Buhari is long dead and buried in Saudi Arabia.

This is a simple analytical process anybody can perform from the comfort of their own home. Ask yourself:

1. Why did the Fulani cabal say that Jubril will not debate Atiku during the forthcoming presidential debate as is the tradition? Why are they suggesting that Osinbajo should replace him when Osinbajo is not the presidential candidate?

2. Has anyone wondered why Jubril cannot speak Fulfude which is the indigenous Fulani language? Some of us don’t know that Fulani people have their own separate language and it’s not Hausa.

3. Pay close attention to the back of Jubril’s fingers and neck to see he’s between 45 to 55 of age and nowhere near 75 the advertised age of Buhari. The youthful appearance of the back of his hand and neck does not correspond with the aged face which came about as a result of extensive plastic surgery in London which the British government is fully aware of.

4. Ask yourself why Jubril doesn’t do live televised interviews in Nigeria anymore? The real Buhari did live interviews with question and answer sessions, why not this person impersonating him?

5. If you doubt that the man in Aso Rock is Buhari, ask him (Jubril) to remove his cap. The dead Buhari is bald at the crown of the head. Any reasonable person will know a receding hairline when they see one. Look at Buhari’s fake certificate issued yesterday and the face of Jubril and tell me is it’s the same person receiving the fake certificate from WAEC.

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6. Jubril the Sudanese impostor, the present occupant of Aso Rock and self-acclaimed president of Nigeria has a full set of hair, he is not bald. This is easiest test that will convince even staff in Aso Rock that Buhari is not the man they are working for but an impostor pretending to be the dead Nigerian president.

As soon as the public are fully conversant with these facts, I will unleash the DNA results to bring this matter to an earth shattering end.


If IPOB couldn’t be divided in over a year of my absence, how can they hope they will succeed now that I have assumed total command of the push to restore Biafra? I have nothing against anybody but if you wish to rejoin IPOB, simply go

to your nearest family meeting and beg them for forgiveness. Some Biafrans and the teeming masses of Nigerian are still suffering due to ignorance, lack of knowledge and irrational fear of the British backed Fulani killing machine which we are here to dispel. The Fulani cabal must fall alongside the Zoo called Nigeria.


The reign of Fulani illiterate terrorists can be brought to an end immediately if other Nigerians can be as courageous as we in IPOB. I know that our brothers in Yorubaland are worried about their survival without oil revenue from Biafraland and rightly so. I want to assure them tonight that oil and gas will be piped free to Yorubaland for eternity to help them grow their economy.

The same gesture will be extended to Hausa Fulani and every other part of Nigeria because I know that without oil, survival will be almost impossible in the north. They manufacture nothing, they create nothing and they build nothing, all they do is consume.


Nigerian workers are on a minimum wage of 18,000 Naira per month which is roughly $48 equivalent. Recently they have been begging the government to increase it to 30, 000 Naira about $85 per month. So far the government have refused. This demand can be met with minimal fuss before presidential elections of next year if the workers remain resolute and determined not to vote. We call on all labour unions in Nigeria to join IPOB in election boycott campaign.

People must ignore the scare mongering tactics of Fulani slaves and their agents like Nnia Nwodo’s Ohaneze  Ndigbo and other government sponsored faceless hungry groups asking you to vote. You have been voting since 1953, what tangible result has come from it? They want you to keep voting so they keep recycling their criminal selves in office.

The only power you have to effect a long lasting change in your hopeless miserable existence in Nigeria comes up once every four years and this time around, a boycott of presidential elections is all it would take to usher in long lasting change that will benefit everybody. Civil disobedience is a potent weapon that wise people use to extract concessions from their government. If all those clamoring for devolution and restructuring were sincere, they would come out openly to support the IPOB no vote campaign because if they do, the Fulani caretakers of Nigeria will restructure Nigeria before December 31, 2018. But the criminals you call politicians and leaders of thought, from top to bottom, do not care about you.

They know how you think. They know out of stupidity and desperation to collect 4,000 Naira to solve your immediate family needs, like feeding, you will go out next February to vote thereby renewing your bondage in Nigeria for another 4 years.

They think or should I say know that most people are poor m, desperate and hungry people without dignity or shame. They know you will all forget about Buhari’s disregard for the rule of law, intimidation of judges, lack of restructuring, Nimbo massacre, Agatu, Southern Kaduna, countless massacres of Tiv people in Benue once you see some Naira notes. They know you will keep voting as long as they sprinkle a few Naira notes in your sad faces. Our collective stupidity at voting these charlatans into power every four years is the reason why they take us for granted. There is only one way to wrestle power back from them without bloodshed- simply sit-at-home on the day of presidential elections in 2019 and Nigeria will change for the better.

Some people have chosen to peddle the myth that election boycott will give the Fulani Cabal managing Jubril Al-Sudani, that thing in Aso Rock, impersonating Buhari, the opportunity to rig himself back into power….

This is a blatant lie. Nothing can be further from the the truth. It is a well rehearsed political scare tactics designed and unleashed by corrupt politicians to get you to vote them back into power. The truth is that Jubril, the man who is today pretending to be Buhari, will not run for elections next year because starting from today, the eyes of the world will be upon him as a result of this program. I’ve termed it a requiem mass for Nigeria and that is what it is. I will not only unmask Jubril-Buhari but will sink the Zoo without trace.

That top members of PDP, APC and leadership of every socio-political organization in Nigeria including Afenifere, PANDEF and Ohaneze Ndigbo knew this truth but held it back from the public is the reason why they all should be ignored and elections boycotted. They are all cowards, they are all afraid of the powerful Fulani cabal that control the army, intelligence services, INEC, EFCC, judiciary, police, customs, NDLEA, Navy, Air Force and Civil Defence. Those you call political leaders in Nigeria are spineless quislings and collaborators hiding under the foolish adage that what an elder saw sitting down a child cannot see standing up. But I don’t need to stand up to see poverty, depravation, suffering, pain and anguish.  All those opposed to election boycott secretly love the truth we preach but they lack the moral courage to speak up against Fulani caliphate oppression of the masses and their Islamization agenda.

They deceive and still deceiving you by drumming into your heads their well rehearsed propaganda that Nnamdi Kanu is a war monger that wants to take Biafra to another war. When that failed they called me an attention seeker, some called me a criminal. Reasonable people demanded to know what I stole and from whom, they quickly switched to “he ran away” as if Prophet Mohammed, Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Kwame Nkrumah never retreated from danger before coming back to destroy their enemies. They are pained that I am not dead because they know my presence is guarantee that Nigeria will go the way of Soviet Union.   Ohaneze Ndigbo, South East governors and other Arewa groomed traitors that abandoned Biafra agitation for building contracting in Owerri. They know their end is only a matter of time. They think if they pay their useless friends in the electronic and print media to publish lies against me. How mistaken they are. They have repeatedly underestimated IPOB legendary discipline and obedience to command which shall be unleashed next year during elections.

The ‘let’s move the country forward brigade’ I call them, sat idly by and watched as the killers of Dele Giwa went scot-free, they even blamed the slain brave journalist for daring to publish the truth. The person that killed Dele Giwa is today an oracle in Nigerian politics they all admire and worship. The same way they killed Ken Saro-Wiwa and blamed it on his uncompromising stance all because  he was fighting to liberate his people. Today there is a road named after Abacha the man that killed Saro-Wiwa in Yenegoa the capital of Bayelsa part of the so-called Niger Delta that Saro-Wiwa was fighting to liberate. What is wrong with the brain of black people I ask, why can’t they reason like human beings for once? Biafra will be a confederation of ethnic nations, where each nation will be allowed to control 100% of their resources.

The same way some segments of the evil media in Nigeria justify the mass murder of innocent IPOB and Shi’ite members for daring to upset their beloved unworkable One Nigeria all because of peanuts. The same way Fulani terrorists can kill at will with nobody held accountable for it. These are the same people trying to convince you to go and vote for them. These demons want to turn the masses against election boycott because they think we are fools.

We black Africans lack mental toughness in the face of adversity. That we are today the laughing stock of the whole world is our own making, that is why I don’t believe in racism. We have again and again demonstrated our inability to reason. A teacher or civil servant is owed 3 years salary. Instead of the teacher to simply say enough is enough, if you don’t pay us we won’t vote, NUT leaders would go behind to collect bribe from governors only to turn around to ask the same long suffering teachers to go and vote for the same person that stole their salary for 3 years. The saddest thing is some of them will foolishly go and vote. Once the kleptomaniac of a governor has been sworn in May 29, 2019 the problem of non-payment starts all over again. What type of people are we blacks if I may ask?

Nnia Nwodo and other sociocultural Abuja supporting groups want you to vote because of their own selfish benefit not yours. They issue statements from the comfort of their homes and claim it was at an event. They have taken to deception in a desperate attempt to convince you they enjoy public support. His brother Okwesilieze Nwodo is living rent free in one of Atiku’s Abuja residence but he’s an Igbo leader. Nnia Nwodo wants you to vote not because he genuinely wants restructuring but because he knows he and his family will benefit from Atiku presidency. A while back him and his Ohaneze Ndigbo was supporting Buhari to crush IPOB. He was the chief propagandist for Arewa North. He wants One Nigeria because all he cares about is the chicken change they give him once in a while. Somebody should tell me one thing Ohaneze has ever accomplished for easterners? Nothing…..absolutely nothing because they are traitors groomed to serve Fulani interest in Igboland.

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The fight against IPOB is now a multi-million Naira business. If you are waning in popularity or have run out of cash or wish to complete a building project you abandoned years ago, simply sign up with the nearest DSS or APC office to receive your mobilization for press statements and recharge card. If you insult Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB you receive payment from this hopeless APC government run by a Sudanese impostor.

Agatu people are in IDP camps with no help and people are talking about elections. I am extending an olive branch and hand of friendship to the people of Middle Belt. Your suffering will soon come to an end. I have this message for Middle Belters, those that want to kill you and take over your land will not succeed.

Those that derive joy or are frightened of the corrupt caliphate, why don’t you people step back and allow IPOB and like-minded people to set you free? What have you got to lose?

They have all been promised money if they get you to go and vote. Their sole aim is to destroy IPOB, not that they don’t know boycott would work. Awolowo boycotted 1963 elections and it worked to the advantage of Yoruba people. When a society is as rotten as Nigeria, you need a revolution, a radical departure from the politics of the usual. You need to do something extraordinary and that thing in this instance is election boycott come 2019. Jubril is fake and will be unmasked in full this month. The full evil that Nigeria has become must be laid bare before the world to see. APC is finished. The only thing holding Nigeria together today is the presence of oil and gas in Biafraland. I wish Almighty El’Ohim can take it all away tonight so we can rest. Fulani don’t go to school but they flood the corridors of power and military. Those that suffer to obtain the finest education end up driving Keke Napep when they graduate. Is that your definition of a country?


Socio-cultural organizations are nothing more than influence peddlers. They were not able to stop Fulani terrorists when they attacked Middle Belt, South West and Northern Biafran territories. They kept silent as Islamic extremists in Nigerian army uniforms slaughtered families at will, burnt their homes and took over their land. Can anybody tell me or point to one landmark project executed by any socio cultural organization? All they do is visit Aso Rock once in a while to collect their Ghana Must Go while ordinary people suffer. They don’t want you to see the good IPOB is doing because they are only concerned about getting their own into power to continue stealing and looting.

They saw the daylight robbery that passed as elections in Ekiti and Osun States. They did nothing. Anybody that tells you that proper change can come through voting in a corrupt primitive system like Nigeria is a liar and deceiver. USA, France, England, Russia all revolted through popular uprising before the masses took control of governance and enthroned decency in their various countries. George Washington did not remove the British through the ballot box. I’m sure most of you have heard about the Tea Party, go and research it. Abraham Lincoln did not defeat slavery the ballot box. Cromwell did not go to the polls with King Charles 1 before proving that all men are born equal. French people never went to the polls in an election to see off Marie Antoinette. They were booted out. I am asking Nigerians to have that courage to kick out the corrupt system in Nigeria.

To vote is tantamount to a renewal of our slave status for another 4 years. I know we black Africans love being slaves, after all we sold our people into slavery before the Europeans came with their large vessels to cart us away like a bunch of wild animals. This is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves, this is the time for action. We must stop blaming others for our mental deficiencies and inability to take action against those that don’t wish us well.


How many of you are aware that ongoing work on railway construction does not include Biafraland? Are you all aware that it was my idea that this government copied? I was the person that told DSS officers to tell their government what to do to reduce youth unemployment. Those of them I spoke to will attest to what I’m telling you this evening.

Abeokuta train station is under construction for the proposed Lagos to Ibadan railway project with money gotten from our land. Transport Minister Chibuike Amechi is an Igbo man but no new railway construction is going an anywhere in Biafraland. What type of abomination did the ancients commit that has led the Creator to punish us like this?

Second Niger Bridge is not built and will never be built by Nigeria. Life is unbearable for the common man. Nothing is working, only pain and hardship all around. When will this torture end? Dear Lord, when will you give us blacks the common sense to rise up and say no to evil politicians? The Kaduna Abuja rail project has been completed by another Igbo man Goodluck Jonathan but Biafraland where he comes from, there is nothing. The same one Nigeria mindset that drove Nnamdi Azikiwe to ignore his people in favor of Northern Nigeria is at play again. Work is ongoing on the Maiduguri-Kano segment of their railway project, nothing in Igboland, nothing in Ijawland, nothing in Efik, Ibibio, Isoko, Itshekiri, Urhoboh, Annang, Igala, Idoma/Igede…..absolutely nothing. Instead they are bringing cattle colony, Fulani cattle terrorism and ethnic cleansing.

We are facing annihilation and all the criminal political class is interested in is voting. To renew their looting mandate. To renew the certificate of slavery and impoverish everyone in the process. They have given us unimaginable pain and misery. We cannot allow them to continue toying with our lives. We must bring the reign of terror to an end and take back the power from this class of charlatans and criminals.

As an unemployed graduate struggling with Okada or Keke Napep with a masters degree, do you want to vote for the same people that messed up your life or you want an impactful positive change that will benefit you and everyone else? Successive state governors crippled industries in our land and so it is across Nigeria. Huge employment generators like Ajaokuta Steel Complex is moribund because those you revere as intellectuals and political elites are compound illiterates and blockheads. They research, write and speak fanciful English but remain ignorant of how to improve your lives. The mistake some of us always make is to think that mastery of English language makes someone automatically intelligent or brilliant. That is arrant nonsense, it is a relic of colonialism and a racist ploy to make you feel ashamed of who you are and think your language is inferior to that of a white man.

I have to caution Britain to let Biafra go because if they don’t Almighty Creator Elohim Chukwu Okike Abiama will pour HIS wrath on Britain. He will decimate and break Britain into pieces. Biafrans are liberals and the most intelligent race in the black world. Britain has a lot to gain economically from a free Biafra than an economically emasculated Nigeria reliant on crude oil alone. The only way to ensure the natural laziness of the Fulani do not continue holding us back, is to set the various nations within Nigeria free. Fulani strategy of dragging Biafra down with them by removing competitiveness from the human equation in Nigeria as presently constituted is making it easier to mask the shortcomings of the corrupt and inept Northern ruling class. Why is it that Britain and the rulers of Nigeria are afraid of competition? Perhaps they know Biafrans are naturally hardworking and that will showcase their laziness and unproductive nature before the world.


A direct information coming to me through one of our agents who is very close to Okezie the governor if Abia state, yesterday the 1st day of November, Okezie had a meeting with his NGWA youth Executives in UMUAHIA he told them that he must make sure he wins the 2019 Election that instead of him to loose the Election he will turn Aba upside down. In a secret meeting he held a few days back, he selected two men from various  NGWA communities and gave them pump action riffles to make sure they fight IPOB or those he considers to be against his re-election bid 2019. Parents in Abala in Aba must caution their children not to fall into this trap or else they will have themselves to blame.


We must not forget that Bruce Mayrock that sacrificed his life for Biafra is a Jewish man. Jesus Christ is Jewish. Our father Abraham is a Jew or Hebrew if you prefer. Eri our progenitor, who was mentioned in the Bible as a descendant of Gad from the house of Jacob is a Jew. People find salvation in different places but we all recognize the existence and supremacy of one Almighty Creator.

Biafra will be a Godly nation in the finest traditions of the ancients ie Judaism as practiced in the old, some traces of which can be found today in Umueri, Agulueri, Nri, Ora-Eri and AroChukwu. Our ancient Temple in Arochukwu will be rebuilt. Biafra as a Jewish state doesn’t mean Christian pastors will be forced to stop collecting tithes or sorcerers made to stop demanding for cows and goats from their patrons. It simply means that we are placing our nation under the protection of the Almighty Creator. People are free to worship cockroach if they do wish but noise pollution will not be tolerated.

On the US dollar some of you love so much, it was boldly written “In God we Trust” and today the dollar is the dominant currency of global transaction. We Biafrans are a blessed race, don’t let messengers of Satan hiding under fake Facebook accounts deceive you.

From today, all IPOB Family meetings should organize pilgrimage for our children to visit Umueri, Agulueri, Nri- the home of Adama Nri and the ancient site of our temple in Arochukwu to learn about  their history. Trips should be undertaken to Nsude pyramids too at Udi in Enugu State to appreciate the link between Biafra and Hebrews that built the pyramids in Egypt.

Over centuries, Jews in Europe and all over the world were made to feel ashamed of their Jewish heritage. I insist that our children should be made to undertake a pilgrimage to Ala Eri (Umueri and Agulueri) Nri, Ora-Eri, Arochukwu as a necessary step towards understanding who we were before the advent of colonialism.

Freedom of religion is sacrosanct and shall remain so in Biafraland forever. People can worship whatever or whoever they want but Biafra as a nation will be dedicated to the Almighty Creator Chukwu Okike Abiama. The same way Nigeria is today an Islamic nation, so shall Biafra be a Jewish nation. No form of discrimination will be tolerated from any quarter. We have to demonstrate in words and deed that Biafra can never be another useless primitive African country populated by animals that can’t reason properly. We are going to love our neighbors in Bini and Yoruba to the West; Gbagi, Jukun and Bachama to the North. We shall habour no ill will towards anyone or person, vengeance belongs to the Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama.

Why we must renew our belief in one another (the true meaning of NwaChineke)

Everything IPOB does is based on reason and in Biafra reason must prevail. If you have a superior argument to mine I will abandon my position and follow you but if mine is superior, please abandon yours and follow IPOB.

Only Biafrans built a pyramid in black Africa but those that control the narrative would not want the name Biafra or Igbo to be associated with such great achievement so they buried our heritage and identity in a meaningless Nigeria with the hope that somebody like me will not come to unveil the hidden truth. That is why IPOB is their nightmare. Any Biafran who is not part of IPOB is cursed. Their ignorance will continue to multiply until you become a toy for the mind games controllers of Nigeria play on the largely ignorant population.

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