Jubril or Buhari in Aso Rock? Investigate!

Jubril   from Chad  is  Fake  News- Lai  Mohammed in  Daily  Sun, Friday, November 30,2018  :   Igbo Group   calls  for  a   Rather   Thorough   Investigation   Before  Disproving it.

Refers : Daily  Sun, Friday, November 30,2018,  Page 40.

An Igbo Advocacy  Group, Voice   from the  East – VEAST, has  dispassionately looked into  the widely reported   case   on the Daily Sun as quoted above  credited to  the Minister of Information  Mr. Lai Mohammed  during the  annual lecture  of  radio  Nigeria titled  ‘Fake News, Hate  Speech and 2019  General Election :  the Role of the Nigerian Media.

  Lai  Mohammed   in the same  source  had  revealed that  it was the same  fake  news  and hate speech  that made Federal Government convey  a special national council on information in Jos , in April 2017, stating that the next epidemic to hit the country  would be fake news  and hate speech.

 VEAST  analysed  these  two statements  by Lai Mohammed   vis-a- viz   Nnamdi  Kannu’s  purported grandstanding  that  Muhammadu  Buhari, the  Nigerian President  had  died  in a  London Hospital on January  the  28 , 2017   and  was buried in Saudi  Arabia in line with  Islamic  rights  and rites.

 The group  called on Lai Mohammed  to verify  every statement   said to have been made by  Nnamdi  Kanu   with IPOB  before   saying anything  for or against  it , stating that quietness  would  have solved the problem  better  rather than , trying to no avail ,to disproving  the   said source  of the said news. In a  statement  endorsed by its  Convener, Comrade Kindness  Jonah, the group  maintains  that  rightness  or  wrongness of  Nnamdi Kanu’s   Jubril  versus  Buhari   imbroglio  was not  necessary  at all, adding that such issues  should  be settled  by articulate   and factual disproof   to  end  wagging of mouths,  adding that  the only  acceptable disproof   of Nnamdi  Kanu ‘s  touted grandstanding  was  for  Buhari  himself to  address  Nigerian  press  and media  on a  one-on-one  chart    as Olusegun   Obasanjo  and  Nnamdi Azikiwe  did  when  rumours  of their   respective  deaths    guetto-blastered.

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‘‘‘ If  Buhari  died  on 28- 10- 2017 as  Nnamdi Kanu  claims,  and  Nigeria Government did not announce it ,  and  Lai Mohammed   addressed the press  in April 2017   hankering  on hate speech  as  soon epidemic to hit  Nigerian news  waves, then  he- Lai Mohammed  only  had  vindicated Nnamdi Kanu . But  if the claim  was  refuted  by Buhari himself  ,  before  April  2017  when Lai Mohammed made the  comment ,  addressing Nigerians  as  a living being  as  Nnamdi Azikiwe  and   Olusegun  Obasanjo did  when they  suffered the same   fake  news , there  wouldn’t  have  been  any cause for alarm. 

Why  Nnamdi  Kanu  appears  to be  warming himself  into the hearts of  many   Igbos  on this  so called grandstanding,   is that   the said  living  man  referred  to   has  not  deemed  it  absolutely necessary  to address  Nigerians  himself, in a   media chart  , to personally  respond   to  non-stereotyped questions,   directly  from  the Nigerian audience.  United  States  President , Donald  D.J. Trump, made  a  sweeping  sarcastic remark on Nigeria’s  President  , Muhammadu Buhari, referring him  to  a  lifeless body,  yet,  Buhari  did  not  come  out  himself   to show  Nigerians  that he  is  not  lifeless, that he  is  Muhammadu  Buhari himself  and no other.

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 Buhari  never spoke  himself, but  retorted  via  his  lieutenants-  a  doubtful disposition  in matters of  life and  death  which only   the   living person  concerned   and  referred to, can refute.  Besides,  Nnamdi  Kanu  claims  that Queen Elizabeth of England   signed  condolence register  on Buhari’s  death, but   what  has bogged  many a  critical mind ,   is that   ever  since this  purported fake news  hit the airwaves,  Queen Elizabeth  of  England  herself,    still  alive, has not    deemed it fit to  refute it, neither British Government  countering it  even when Nnamdi  Kanu is  with  them  there  in London  before  he was  found  in Israel.

 Why  all   these   conspiracies of silence  in a  matter  that, only  and only,  outspokenness  can  resolve ?  Why not Queen Elizabeth  of England  cum  British Government, sue  Nnamdi Kanu or  even call him  to interrogate him, even once ?  The  same  Nnamdi  Kanu  alleged  that  a whole OAU-AU   as  well  as  CNN had   observed  one  minute  silence  in honour   of  Buhari  whom  he claimed to have  died  in  a  London  hospital. Incidentally, both  OAU-AU   and  CNN, have  not  refuted  the grave allegation   purportedly  made  against  them  by someone  who is  reachable   and gettable .  The whole  scenario  is  funny.  Atiku   was quoted to have said :  ‘  I  won’t   contest  with a  foreigner’. But Nigerian constitution  is clear on the fact  that   a foreigner   cannot contest election , and  Buhari  as   the  incumbent President  has not deemed it necessary  to   call  Atiku  to explain  who  that  foreigner  is.  The more  you  look, the less you  see  in this  said  grandstanding by Nnamdi Kanu.  Nnamdi  Kanu  claims   that  the  Jubril  now in Aso Rock,    is  shorter than  Bukola  Saraki, as  against  the former – original  Buhari that was  too  lanky  and  regarded  as  the tallest.  Has  this  assertion  been  disproved  by juxtaposing  Buhari  with   Saraki   in the present  ? 

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Nnamdi  Kanu  also alleges  that  the  Jubril   now  in Aso Rock,   cannot speak  his  native   Fulfude  language  which is  the  simplest  thing  anybody  can disprove.  Why  can’t  the present Buhari  in Aso Roch address  Nigerians  in Fulfude ,  in company  of  an interpreter ,  if only to prove  Nnamdi   Kanu wrong ? Also, Nnamdi  Kanu   claims  that the Jubril   now  in Aso Rock  ,  has  no  bald  head, whereas  the original Buhari  has bald  head, and  he  is challenging him to   remove his cap  for  authentic view by Nigerians  to prove  him wrong. What is  difficult  in removing your  cap ? The taciturnity of Buhari in the whole scenario is  adding salt to injury  and , appear to be vindicating  Nnamdi  Kanu.  Nnamdi  Kanu   claims  that the original Buhari  writes  with   left  hand, while  Jubril  now  in Aso Rock,   writes  with  right  hand.

Even though one  can be amdixtrous, this proof  is very simple  to enact and save Nigerians the burden of confusion,   and  disprove  Nnamdi  Kanu ,  once   and  for all  times.  ’’’  The  group  concludes that where   these  allegations    could  not  be disproved   with weight  of  counter  facts, Lai Mohammed  should  not  add  salt to injury  by  making  fact less   comments  that  hide  the man  at the heat  of the whole thing  who  could have  taken the bull by the horns  to  personally  prove  Nnamdi  Kanu wrong, adducing that quietness   was divine  in such  matters, rather  than sabre-rattling.

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