Intersociety wants Crowther School back to Anglican

Anglican Priests’ Protest: Obiano & Anglican Church Must Avoid Politics Of Denominational Extremism

 (Chima Ubani
Center: Onitsha Nigeria: 8th November 2018)-The war of words and other
controversies trailing the recent public protest in front of the Anambra State
Government House at Awka by priests of the Anglican Communion of the Diocese on
the Niger under the leadership of their Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev Dr. Owen C.
Nwokolo are clear signs of dangers ahead in the politics of Anambra State
particularly its governorship and deputy governorship seats.

Intersociety is not bordered about the public protest
by the Anglican priests which is part of the foundation of civilized society
and democratic process, but the war of words and other controversies thrown up
by the protest are the grounds upon which we are deeply bordered or worried.
Our speaking out strongly is to guard against the rise of monster of
denominational extremism in the politics of Anambra State. Our position here is
also taken to avert the possible reduction of the art of governance of the State
to “Catholic Government of Anambra State” or “anti secular Government of
Anambra State”.

It deeply borders Intersociety that the protest has
degenerated from complaint over the rightful of ownership of one Crowder
Memorial Primary School, Onitsha to disturbing verbal bickering between the
Anglican Diocese on the Niger and the Government of Anambra State led by Mr.
William Obiano. It has further degenerated to unguarded utterances and counter
protests by those strongly believed to be sponsored or hired by the State
Government or the Catholic Church as well as attempts to introduce
denominational dichotomy into the politics of the State.

It must be remembered vividly that this is not the
first time in recent years that public protests by the Anglican Church or
Communion concerning ownership of certain primary or secondary schools and
their lands are staged in the State or any part thereof. On 18th August 2014,
few months into the Obiano Administration, similar public protests were
organized in Onitsha over ownership of the Oyolu Eze Primary School and its
land located at Nkwelle Ezunaka Community in Oyi Local Government Area of
Anambra State. The protesting Anglican priests had then laid claims to
ownership of the school.

Disputes over ownership of certain primary or
secondary schools and their lands in Anambra State have also in no long past
led to brawl between some priests of the Anglican and the Catholic Church and
various youth groups belonging to the two denominations. One of such dispute
leading to the said fisticuffs took place over the ownership of the Lafiaji
Primary School and its land located at Fegge area of Onitsha.

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The two denominations are also notorious when it comes
to encroachment and illegitimate possession of government primary, and
sometimes secondary schools and their lands across the State. These they do by
crookedly or cunningly gaining entrance into them as “temporary place of
worship” including church services and crusades; from where they crookedly
“walk their way through” and start fencing them and erecting priests’ houses
before erecting main church buildings and final conversion of same into their
properties. During the administration of Dr. CC Mbadinuju (a Pentecostal),
between 1999 and 2003, the shoddy practice was also rampant or the order of the

It must be remembered here too that the policy of
taking over of church and private schools in the State was necessitated by
protest letter by four Anglican Clergies written to the Ukpabi Anthony Asika
Sole Administration of the defunct East Central State; leading to the enactment
of “Government Schools’ Takeover Edict of 1970”, ceding both missionary and
private schools to Government.

Late Anthony Ukpabi Asika was appointed the Sole
Administrator of defunct East Central State in 1967 and he held same till 1975
under Gen Yakubu Gowon military regime. One of the main reasons given for
inviting Government to takeover church and private schools in 1970 also
bordered on allegation of denominational marginalization; which, again, has
reared its ugly head in the instant case. 

We welcome the public protest by the Anglican Priests
are disturbed by degeneration of issues behind same to denominational extremism
and dichotomy. We also condemn, unreservedly, the poor response of the present
Government of Anambra State toward the constitutionally guaranteed protest.
Both the concerned Anglican leadership and the Government of Anambra State
should have acted maturely and harmoniously in addressing the germane issues
raised. Had the Governor himself shelved his ego and pride to address the
protesting Anglican priests with firm promise of looking into their grievances,
the matter would not have lingered or degenerated.

Further, since the ownership dispute over the said
Crowder Memorial Primary School has been revisited and investigated by Hon
Justice Godwin Ononiba’s Panel of 28th December 2012 and report issued, the
Government of Anambra State and Governor Obiano should have acted on the report
and saved the State unnecessary stress, pressure and deviation or distraction
from direly needed governance attention. This is more so when the present
Government of Anambra State has retained its predecessor’s policy of returning
schools to their missionary owners.


It is our firm position that any school in the State
validly found to have originally belonged to a church as at 1970  and before same, irrespective of
denomination, must be returned to its rightful owners in line with the existing
Government policy of relinquishing its post civil-war annexed schools to their
rightful owners. On the other hand, all schools originally belonging to the
State Government found to have been annexed or crookedly possessed by churches
across the State; other than those originally or validly built by them from 1980s,
must be recovered and retained by the Government of Anambra State.

What constructively and inexcusably borders most
citizens of Anambra State is not distractive and endless squabbles over which
church owns what school in the State or any part thereof, or which school is
owned by Government or a church denomination; rather it is the accessibility,
quality and affordability of education in the State particularly in the area of
nursery and primary education that matters most to them. The shylock and extortionist
posture or highhandedness of the church and private nursery and primary school
owners in Anambra State have remained the nightmare of most Anambra parents
including medium and low income earners.

It saddens our heart that most, if not all nursery, primary,
secondary and tertiary schools in Anambra State belonging to churches are built
and completed using monies contributed by members of church congregations or
laities dominated by low and medium income earners; only for such schools to be
made far beyond what they can afford in the area of sending or training their
children and others under their care in them.

The four categories of schools above named, belonging
to churches in Anambra State are so exorbitant that children of their most
members cannot afford sending or training them in same; yet they contributed
over 70% of monies used in building them. The protesting Anglican Communion
priests in the State; likewise their Catholic and Pentecostal counterparts must
therefore learn how to go the equity with clean hands. The schools owned and
run by them are nothing to write home about in terms of accessibility and
affordability. They are nothing short of extortionist enterprises or conduit
pipes for maximization of profits and primitive wealth accumulation.

The present Government of Anambra State is also
goofing; making itself a government hanging in the air; totally disconnected
from the people it governs and their social impulses. Talking about school
system and its inaccessibility and extortionist or exorbitant culture, the
present Government is too far from knowing what most Anambra parents go through
in the hands of shylock and greedy church and private school owners especially
in the area of nursery and primary schools.

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What is spent by parents to train a child of theirs in
nursery and primary school in the State is far more than enough to fully train
a university undergraduate in a federal public university. The cheapest sum
paid to enroll a child in a private or church owned pre-nursery/nursery or primary
school is not less than N40, 000.

In many poor or medium standard nursery or primary
schools in the State especially in urban areas, not less than N60, 000 is
charged as enrollment fee and in some cases, as single term school fee only.
Parents with four or five nursery and primary school age children spend as much
as N200,000 especially during class promotion new terms. These account for high
incidence of school dropouts and school hour hawking and street roaming in the

We therefore call on the present Government of Anambra
State and Governor William Mmaduabuchi Obiano to break the monopoly and
greediness of the church and private school owners in the State especially in
nursery and primary schools by reversing the State’s primary school calendar to
incorporate or transform it into “Anambra State Nursery/Primary School Calendar
or Curriculum”. This should be followed by massive injection of capitals into
the System for the purpose of massive renovation of the Government primary
school blocks as well as upgrading including electrification and
computerization of same across the State benefiting the global reading trend of
the pupils.

The policy must also include retraining of primary
school teachers to accommodate teaching and care of pre-nursery and nursery
school pupils, etc. The State nursery-primary school fees should be declared
free and where it is not tenable in the meantime, no pupil should be charged
more than N1.500 to N2, 000 per term. There shall also be total elimination of
all forms of Government and teachers’ extortion and allied others. Procurement
of school uniforms and reading materials should be standardized by the school
authorities or Government but left in the hands of parents and guardians to
provide same from open markets.


For: Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule
of Law

Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chair

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Chidinma Evangeline Udegbunam, Esq.

Head, Campaign & Publicity Department