Immorality Killing Destiny of Nigerian Girls – Archbishop Ibezim

The Archbishop, Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger and Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Revd. Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim, has spotted the unholy lifestyle of some Nigerian girls as the major cause of their failures in pursuance of their destinies.

Archbishop Ibezim stated this during the 2020 Confirmation and Admissions into Mothers’ Union and Girls’ Guild at St. Mary’s Anglican Church Parish, Awka Awka South local government area Anambra state.

Archbishop Ibezim added that different forms of immorality have crept into the minds of girls which have misled them from the direction prepared for them by God.

He informed that nowadays, girls go into prostitution and other forms of immorality which according to him puts their future at risk and warned that until
they desist from such unholy lifestyles their eternal destiny will be at risk.

Archbishop Ibezim who delivered his homily on ‘how the Holy Spirit is important in a Christian’ said that Christians can’t serve God without first having the Holy Spirit. He said that one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is love but the same love is abused by the Nigerian youths especially girls who use it as opportunity to engage in sexual activities and other immorality, adding that such is only detrimental to their progress in life. reports that Archbishop Ibezim who also performed confimation of children into the Anglican church warned the adolescents and youths to be wary of allowing their hearts to deceive them because according to him, the heart is very deceitful.

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While performing the admissions into the girls guild, Archbishop Ibezim further said that though most girls live an impure lifestyle, some are still found worthy and pledged to assist some of them who are in graduating classes among them to secure jobs in their area of disciplines which according to him will assure them that their future is important to the Anglican Church.

Archbishop Ibezim further stressed on the porous security and the rising crimes in Nigeria urging Nigerians to pray fervently for God’s protection.

His words: “We are in a very dangerous and precarious time. We are in a time of uncertainty. This is a time for people to be prayerful. This is not the time for people to be excited for nothing. Don’t wait to be told that the time calls for one to be closer to God because the situation has called for total submission to God.

He said that the nature of time is devilish and the greatest message Christians should get should be message of salvation.

“It is time we Christians must preach everyday to tell people that it is good to come to Jesus. It is good that they know the lord as their personal saviour.


He blamed government for their insensitivity towards the plights of Nigerians, saying that the “strongest governments in the world are failing, even as at yesterday in America, more than 2,000 people die everyday. More than that happens in Nigeria but nobody cares. It is because they are counting their own but here in Nigeria nobody is keeping the statistics because people are killed anyhow on a daily basis. If in an advanced country 2,000 people die, what about people here in Nigeria?

Cross section of women newly admitted into the Mothers’ Union

“We live a jungle life where people are gruesomely killed and maimed yet nobody cares. There is no policeman, neither is there security.
This is a difficult time and when I look at all these, I feel like a lot of people are blind.

He urged Christians to renew their relationship with God or be ready to take the repercussion. “Those that know their God are the people that will be strong but people that don’t know their God will be swallowed.”

He urges Christians to rebuild their personal relationship with God adding that until they do so, the spirit will not be of a witness in their life. He said that some people are so religious that they think by going to Church every Sunday guarantees them relationship with God.

Quoting the book of Matthew chapter 13, he reminded Christians to be mindful of the people they associate with as according to him, ” there are devils in the Church, where pastor is giving evangelism, Satan also gives his own evangelism in the same Church.

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He said the church have been enmeshed in pollution while many Christians have lost their shame to do or indulge in evil practices because God has given them such privileges that was not found in the early Church. He reminded them that Ananias and Safaias were killed only because they were not truthful to the Holy spirit but now, Christians commit evils in the name of God and nothing happens to them.

Newly admitted Mothers’ receiving prayers from Archbishop Ibezim

Meanwhile, the Provincial President, Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girl’s Guild, Province of the Niger and Diocese of Awka, Anglican Communion, Mrs Martha Chioma Ibezim who received the new members urged the newly admitted mothers and girls to live a holy live so that Holy Spirit will dwell in their life and family.

Provincial President, Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild and Girl’s Guild, Province of the Niger and Diocese of Awka, Anglican Communion, Mrs Martha Chioma Ibezim

The Parish Priest St Mary’s Anglican Church Parish Nkwere Awka
Rev canon Okechukwu Ekwunne who was full of praises for the Archbishop and wife for their support and contributions to the building of the yet to be fully completed Church building , assured that the church is a work in progress and will be completed in no distant time.

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