I can cure coronavirus in two weeks – Herbalist

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

Anambra state born herbalist, Chief Dr Frederick Dike Ezenwata, has assured his readiness to cure and exterminate Corona Virus pandemic from the earth within two weeks.
Ezenwata, who hails from Agulu, Anaocha LGA of Anambra, said he only needed the consent of Presidents or other key decision markers in the world walking round the clock to contain the pandemic so as to eradicate the pandemic using his ‘Spiritual Science. ‘
According to him, “Corona virus broke out because Chinese people destroyed a certain shrine worshipped by their forefathers. The spirit got angry and inflicted them with them with the disease. But I can cure those already inflicted by the virus as well as stop it from the earth forever through the Grace of God.

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“My power is from God. I am a herbalist, a native doctor ordained by God. I do this for free just like my grandparents did during their time. I have healed several diseases and sicknesses in the past including HIV/AIDS. I cured 12 people of AIDS. But all these were achieved through God. All I need to stop and cure corona virus within 14 days is for leaders to contact me on my phone numbers +2348069577403 or +2348078323043. They don’t need to see me in person. I can cure it on air.

“I am a renowned World Weather Controller. I am a spiritual scientist. I started controlling weather and healing the sick since 1976. I mounted spiritual powerful satlight on the Sun and the Moon. They are called He Quetoria Mazmazu and Rings of the World. I can use it to penetrate all parts of the world where corona virus is and wipe it out. When I start working, those already inflicted by the virus should be kept outside the sun at noon, under the moon at night and outside to receive air at 9pm.

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