How Sidechic Stabs Married Lover To Death


According to information gathered, the man left his wife at home to have fun with the sidechic at his former house when the incident happened.

A sidechic has stabbed her married lover to death during an argument.

During an argument, the sidechic took a knife and stabbed the man.

Read as reported by Gistlover:

Side chics stabs Married man to death over little misunderstanding, leaves the housewife in sorrow🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽

According to information reaching our headquarters, the guy pack comot for him previous house but him not give landlord key, instead him reserve the former house and na there him Dey carry this lady go, one misunderstanding led to another sha and the side chic stabbed him, the side chic was apprehended while trying to flee the scene.

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  1. As a married man why will you have a side chic? This things are what we should consider before entering into marriage. Married men stop stressing your woman and hurting her feelings all in the name of she is not satisfying you

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