Hon. Tony Muobike – APGA Law maker representing Aguata II Constituency: A Law maker or Law breaker Vol 1?



Hon or (Dis)honorable member Representing Aguata II Constituency in the Anambra state House of Assembly, Hon Anthony (Tony) Muobike has proved to the whole world that he is anti workers across Nigeria particularly Anambra State. He is enemy of workers.

As the number one enemy of workers already watering the ground against workers improved pay negotiations by his impunity and war against workers and their leaders, Muobike has hired some unsuccessful writers to malign workers leaders latest coming from one unsuccessful Uzochiwala Ifeanyi Ogwatta, even though a relative to a Roman Catholic priest.

A hatchet writer and negotiator, Uzochiwala Ifeanyi Ogwatta from Ekwulobia who has never written any meaningful piece with attraction in his life appears an impostor as he has nothing to do with journalists in Anambra state nor the heart of journalism, the Correspondents Chapel, yet he masquerades as a journalist fleecing the unsuspecting public of their hard earned resources particularly at burials. He is a burial coverage “journalist’, an indication of his level in the society. No true journalist knows him. The five others Muobike hired to denigrate workers were at least known by true journalists in the state even when some were not NUJ members.
Does it mean anyone who knows how to spell his name a journalist? He has messed up Hon Tony Muobike more than the incident by referring to Anambra workers represented by their leaders as political miscreants and hatchet jobbers. At the fullest of time, we shall tell his story.
Investigations have shown Muobike paid him and others to malign workers in Anambra state and their leaders with impunity as his way to defend government of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, his brother. Unknown to him, he is destroying Soludo’s government.

Of what benefits would he or his Constituency gain from insulting workers on pages of the newspaper or the internet by his hungry writers? The workers he is fighting did him no harm even when the strike has nothing to do with him? Why is he declaring himself enemy of workers and their leaders?

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Anyway Muobike is shameless and investigations showed that all the churches and organizations Hon . Tony Moubike promised money or made promises and pronouncement ,he has not redeemed about 90 percent and behaves as if nothing happened.
We witnessed his purchases during a Bazaar sales worth of about N200,000 in a Catholic church in Awka. He hasn’t paid 2 years now. What an Honourable Member who can’t keep his words, but busy picking a fight with Anambra workers and their leaders?

If without fear of God, he owes the church, what happens to others?

His track records even the process that threw him up as a Dishonorable member is marred with toutish ,intimidation and lawlessness? We all know how he emerged as member Representing Aguata II Constituency under APGA after the gruesome murder of Okey di okay ,Hon Dr Okechukwu Okoye in which the same power drunk Tony muobike has not done anything to bring to book those who masterminded his death- Anyways people can go to any length to grab or snatch power and yet pretend as if nothing happened. People from Isuofia community are still asking who killed Hon Dr Okey Okoye, Okey di okey?

A little survey brought chilling stories and mind boggling memories. Hear a Catholic priest speak on that: “Actually my brother Late Hon. Dr. Isaac Okechukwu Okoye (Okey di Okay) won the House of Assembly election and was sworn in to represent Aguata 2 for four years term .
He served in that capacity just two years , God favoured us with a bigger opportunity of His Excellency, Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo as Executive Governor of Anambra State . At this juncture we were very excited until negotiations came up that this man will succeed my brother whose position was yet not vacant , just that the Party ticket will be given to the man in question.
Hon.Okey in the cause of the ongoing , was consulting many people expressing his displeasure and rallying support to retain his second term ticket of the Party. He was with our village executives at our village hall on that fateful day when a certain call made him to leave the meeting with his personal assistant Hon. Ulaevuchukwu Chiegboka from Ezioka village . In their departure Hon. Okey told the meeting that he received an important call that he will be joining the meeting shortly . Shortly after he left we received a distress call that he was kidnapped alongside his Personal assistant at Umuona town by unknown gunmen . Within one week they were beheaded after over 26.2 million Naira ransom was paid . It was a difficult time for us.
Afterwards the ticket was given to him and he succeeded him as planned. We watched the drama and retained it in our memory and is forever in record.

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“So , that is the certain manner!” What’s your feelings! The words came from his constituent.

No sane person in Igbo land will struggle to replace Okey di okay considering the way he was murdered in service ,the position he is occupying is better reserved for any of his family members as done at Idemmili and in Enugu when occupants of the seat were murdered, but to Dishonorable Tony Muobike ,the memory of the dead does not matter ,neither is he sympathetic with his gruesome death, all he needs is power to abuse people! – May the soul of Okey di okay rest in Peace.

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Questions to ask the Dishonorable member Tony Muobike: Since you have succeeded in snatching away the position of representing Aguata Constituency II from late Okey Di Okey family, tell the whole world what you have done in the memory of the deceased ? Have you ever assisted the deceased family in getting justice? Have you ever held a lecture or anything in the honour of the dead to show value? The blood of Okey Di okay is still begging for justice, yet someone is sitting on his grave in the House of Assembly pretending as if nothing happened. Even to sponsor a bill to place his children under scholarship by Anambra State House of Assembly is story for another day.

This is a man who ceased the opportunity of the gruesome death of a young man like him without any remorse or respect to the dead. In Nigeria today people can go to any length just to get position or snatch it from another and pretend to be a saviour?

We know that his community Umuona will be in a big shame for his disgraceful character and disappointment. A Dishonorable member without a single project to his name in his whole community.

He lacks the qualities and characters of Onye Igbo. Instead of keeping quiet or
putting up an apology for is callous display ,he preferred displaying his usual criminal toustish behavior. And hired writers to denigrate workers and their leaders to justify his claims that workers should be replaced with robots.

This bulletin is a publication of organised labour Anambra state

Stay tuned for next edition.

Solidarity! Forever !

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