FOSAD condemns killings, kidnappings during yuletide in Anambra, tasks Soludo on security


PressPress Release29/12/2023 Release29/12/2023

The Forum of South-East Academic Doctors (FOSAD) condemns the violent attack by criminals on 28th December, 2023 at Uga Anambra State which claimed the lives of two policemen attached to Chief Chris Ubah and left several persons injured.
Unknown gunmen also invaded Amesi community in Aguata LGA where a vigilante, Mr Chigbo Onuegbu was gruesomely murdered. Many others were kidnapped during the rampage.
FOSAD commiserates with the bereaved families of the policemen and vigilante who lost their lives and urges the governor of Anambra State, Prof Charles Soludo to rise to the occasion by ensuring security of citizens which is the first responsibility of government.
Anambra State is known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant economy, and diverse population. However, the state has been grappling with a rising wave of insecurity in recent times, posing serious threats to the safety and well-being of its residents.
Like many other regions, Anambra has faced economic challenges that contribute to insecurity. High unemployment rates, poverty, and a lack of viable economic opportunities can lead to increased crime as individuals seek alternative means of survival.
As a civil society committed to the welfare of the south east geopolitical zone, FOSAD recommends the following sustainable strategies to Governor Charles Soludo:
Economic Empowerment:
To address the root causes of insecurity, there must be a focus on economic empowerment. The government should implement policies that promote job creation, entrepreneurship, and skill development to provide viable alternatives to criminal activities.
Good Governance and Rule of Law:
Strengthening institutions and ensuring good governance are crucial steps in tackling insecurity. The government must prioritize transparency, accountability, and the rule of law to build trust and confidence in its ability to maintain security.
Community Policing and Law Enforcement:
Enhancing the capacity of law enforcement agencies and promoting community policing can improve the overall security situation. Collaboration between the police and communities can help identify and address security threats more effectively.
Youth Engagement and Education:
Investing in education and engaging the youth in meaningful activities can deter them from turning to a life of crime. Scholarships, vocational training programs, and mentorship initiatives can empower the youth and channel their energy toward positive endeavors.
Rural Development:
Addressing rural-urban migration requires a focus on rural development. Infrastructure development, access to healthcare and education, and the creation of economic opportunities in rural areas can reduce the pressure on urban centers.
Effective Border Control:
Strengthening border control measures can help curb the influx of illegal arms and prevent criminal elements from entering the state. Collaboration with neighboring states and federal authorities is essential to address cross-border criminal activities.
FOSAD believes that insecurity in Anambra State is a multifaceted challenge that requires a holistic and sustained effort from the government, civil society, and the communities themselves. By addressing the root causes, implementing targeted interventions, and fostering collaboration, it is possible to create a more secure and prosperous environment for the residents of Anambra State. The proposed solutions aim to not only mitigate the immediate threats but also create a foundation for long-term stability and development in the state.
May the souls of the departed rest in peace!

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Dr Uzor Ngoladi
Secretary-General, FOSAD

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