Female barber, Miss Ifeyinwa Ogueli best in Awka

Miss Ifeyinwa Ogueli, an undergraduate of History and International Relations at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, is enjoying high patronage and making significant income as a female barber.

Ifeyinwa plies her trade at Nodu , Okpuno in Awka South local government area of Nigeria. She is adjudged the best in and around Awka by male customers even her competitors.

One of her numerous customers, Mr. John Okoyeb noted Miss Ogueli does her job professionally more than most male barbers as her hands are soft.

Known for her magic touch, Miss Ogueli is from Umunachi, Dunukofia Council Area. She grew in midst of boys as brothers as she is the only girl in the family. She has passion for barbing.

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She appealed to ladies to develop themselves by acquiring any skill they can, as it may turn out to be very useful in future.

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