Fegge Landlord, stakeholders Laud Soludo, Give Reasons Why They Have Not Started Repainting Ahouses as directed.


By Julie Sylvia, Onitsha

Some Stakeholders of Fegge Landlords Association, Onitsha, Anambra State, have given reasons on the delay of house repainting in Fegge Community as directed by the state government.for achieving green, liveable and prosperous Anambra.

Recall that the state government has earlier met with the Fegge Landlords on repainting, desilting of drainages and planting of trees for the beautification of the area and achieving Dubai-Taiwan of Africa.

Giving reasons for the delay of the painting, one of the stakeholders, Mr Okwudili Obinwanne said that most of the Landlords were still waiting for the roads under construction to be 100 per cent completed adding that people cannot be repainting while the road constructions are still going on.

” The people of Fegge are now happy because they like what the governor is doing, Fegge is now superb, 60% of roads are going on, the repainting exercise will commence once the roads are completed.

“State government should also help, which I know they are working towards it, that is Fegge water scheme, general hospital which is ongoing at former Urban Boys Secondary School.

” Planting of trees is part of beautification, so it is left for us to help the governor, he distributed the trees 2 or 3 times, by now, all these trees supposed to be on the road growing, we are not doing good on that.

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“I believe this time around, we are going to mandate people to embark on such because the governor has shown that he has us in mind, so it is left for us to do the needful by giving him the necessary support, he has redeemed 80% of his promises.

Another Stakeholder, Noel Udeoji, a legal practitioner, in his own contributions said ” If the government wants to taste our capacity, let the roads be completed because there are inconveniences with road construction, I agree that 90% of roads, appreciable number were done, it will set a motion, method to actualize the intention of government in respect to beautification.

“I will also add that the government of the day believe that Fegge has potentials, topography of Fegge is the best kind of its potentials.

“Fegge is a layout that is well planned and organised, any developmental initiative you bring into Fegge will speak loud. I am happy that the government queue into that initiative, You can see that he has transformed Okpoko, Fegge and other places within two years, substantial developmental structures sprout here and there

“We are not talking of roads now because we know he has good taste, if you go to city like Fegge, one thing you will understand that 90% are traders, you will like to give them what they need to make them happy so that it will make them to contribute their quota to the development of the state and he has started doing it.

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“With these roads built with road networks, the blocking of drainage will be a thing of the past gradually, one thing is sensitization, to sensitize the residents on the implications of silting the drainages with refuse because many of them might not know the implications but I believe we are to educate the residents formally or informally to have a livable and prosperous environment.

” Being the hallmark of Soludo administration, we will give substantial education, so that what the government is doing will last, if the drainages are not working, you cannot appreciate the roads, the already built roads were marked, very beautiful, it has never done before.

“But the first thing the landlords association must try to achieve is unification, to come together on one umbrella,in the sense that they should know that this is their association, not the association of the chairman or secretary or any of the executives but their own, to own up the association, because they say” united we stand, divided we fall, I believe this is the beginning of success of the association.

“If they come under one umbrella, they accept that togetherness as their own, every other thing can now fall in place, they can now achieve what they want or whatever government want them to do.

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” Government is more like a train, when it wants to move, the stakeholders are expected to participate, so that when the train moves, it will move with you (landlords association), the train of the government of the state have moved and I want to assure you that Fegge landlords are not left out, we are part of the moving train and is moving on a very high frequency.

In terms of giving necessary support to the government, Mr Udeoji maintained that” We are giving necessary support to the government of the day.

“We have to do those things they want us to do, things they encourage us to do which one of them is repainting our houses, it is a give and take principal, if they give, they now take by what the citizens should do to reciprocate what they have given to them.

“General hospital is now ongoing, what again do we want, what we need to do is to ask the government to facilitate it so that it can be finished within record time, we cannot go far for treatment of ailments because it is now in our neighbourhood.

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