Falling Inside Trumps Abby’s and The Bottom Is Still Down Below

Kay Elegbede

More than 100,000 US deaths and counting due to the Corona virus, the New York Times published the names of the dead in the front cover of its newspaper. They want us to know their names not just the numbers of the dead. Their death is real and not fake news.

Recently, President Donald Trump briefly wore a face mask in private and he quickly removed it when he was at a public event. The President said he removed the mask because he did not want reporters seeing him wearing one but someone managed to take a picture of him wearing one in private anyway and shared it with us.

So what’s wrong with wearing a medically recommended face mask in public Mr President. Just what’s wrong with it ??

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Now the President went on Twitter to make fun of VP Joe Biden for wearing a face mask at a public function on memorial day. Biden calls him a FOOL. Well said.

Folks, I don’t know about you, some of us get hurt and feel so sad each time this President takes us futher down to another new disgraceful level of stupidity. This is now our way of life in America these days. A new normal of indecent and outrageous behaviours by the President of these United States that has no end in sight except in November 2020.

So when VP Biden calls the President a fool for making fun of mask wearing, then he is right.

The President of a country is supposed to be leading the country and showing us how to be safe and not encouraging us agaisnt mask wearing or mocking these wearing it or encouraging policies that will favour him politically instead of policies that will make America safe.


The nation has fallen into the Donald Trumps created Abbys and the bottom is still far down. The daily damage is mounting every day on the America people. May the Lord Almighty rescue the nation from the hands of a President without empathy.

What can you do about this??

Please call as many friends as you can and encourage every one to call thier friends to be ready to vote this President and his supporters out in the November election.The nation and our well being depends on it. We cannot afford to joke or play around this coming election.

There are forces attempting to keep your votes from been counted by stealing this election. Don’t ever think this is not possible in America.

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We said America has checks and balances in its three branches of government, that many things happening now will never happen in America but Donald Trump proved us all wrong didn’t he?

So do not say anything cannot happen in America anymore. We are in a diffeent era now where anything goes politically.

It’s time for your vote to count. Election is bearly 6 months away and it will be here before you know it. Start getting ready.

Let’s vote for Joe Biden and lets *Make America Safe Again.

I do wish you well.

Kay Elegbede.

What are your thoughts?