Echoes of anguish and sorrow over the demolition of businesses by ACTDA


At Regina Junction, I met Joseph, a graduate of the Institute of Management Technology – IMT, with a Postgraduate Diploma –PGD in Public Administration. He runs a POS business, while his wife sells provisions and bread at the junction…

Many of the victims alleged corruption. Some say that officers of ACTDA were induced. Along the old INEC road in Awka, the pattern of irregular vandalism varies remarkably. Some of the victims alleged that the enforcement officers were complicit.

Amaka, who is a food vendor inside the garage at Regina Junction, pays her levies to the government. The last time, only recently, she paid N2,500 as an ASWAMA levy. She was stationed inside the garage, yet, her food, table, and chairs were objects of the fury of the government on Tuesday. However, on Saturday morning, she was back at the same spot because there was nothing else, she could do.

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At Goodwill Junction, many petty businesswomen were inflicted with losses, as their wares, tables, chairs, and umbrellas, were all destroyed and in most instances set ablaze.

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