Ebonyi govt. demands 11 year financial statements from banks

The Ebonyi Government on Monday directed banks that have financial
dealings with it to immediately submit its accounts statements from 2007
to September, 2018.

Mrs Queen Agwu, the state Accountant-General made the call in Abakaliki during a joint state Executive Council (EXCO) briefing.

The accountant general noted that it should cover functional, dormant and closed accounts of the government.

Agwu further remarked that the statements should cover accounts of
Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) and Local Government Areas.

“The fact that we did not start from 1999 does not mean that we are
indicting the past administration but we are searching for our trapped
funds to be used for developmental purposes.

“We are starting from 2007 because it was the year the Federal
Government through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) directed banks to
stop charging Commission on Turnover (COT) on corporate organisations of
which the government is among.

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“Several banks complied with the directive but some did not and in
our case, some banks claimed that they had agreement with my predecessor
to continue making the charges.

“We are aware that the Federal Government’s law overrides all laws in
the country and for such to emanate through the apex financial
regulator, the CBN, it is unacceptable for the banks to continue
charging us at two per cent rate which culminates into huge amounts,”
she said.

The accountant general noted that the government, therefore, directs
the banks to make the statements cover its correspondences, agreements
and transactions for the given period.

“We are optimistic that the affected banks would comply with this
directive and further make necessary repayments because the governor has
said that Ebonyi should no longer be treated as it used to in the past.

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“It is sad that that while some of the banks have started refunding
others smartly transferred their managers whom we reconciled the
accounts with, to other places.

“The new managers offer defensive tactics of consulting their
headquarters before taking any action and this is not palatable to the
government,” she said.

She expressed optimism that the banks would comply, noting that
failure to do so means they were no longer interested in having
transactions with the state government.

“I recently received statement of accounts from different banks
though on a different matter as no bank would deny its customers, their
rights of accessing their statement of accounts,” she said.

Mr Obinna Nwachukwu, the state Commissioner for Finance said that the
governor would on Tuesday, convene a critical meeting with the
leadership of the Nigerian Labour congress (NLC) on ways of utilising
the last tranche of the Paris Club refund, accessed by the state.

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“The meeting will also include affiliate unions such as the Trade
Union Congress (TUC) and management of tertiary institutions in the

“Contrary to insinuations that the meeting was convened due to the
2019 elections panic as it concerns workers, I state categorically that
we do not owe workers.

“The meeting is not to negotiate salaries with workers but evolve
ways of judiciously utilising the funds to uplift workers’ welfare and
ascertain their areas of need.

“The governor would in the meeting, announce the amount received by
the state in the latest tranche, the amount received so far in all the
tranches and other relevant information the public would like to know,”
he said.