Dr. Anu Fella Opens Up On Being A Ritualist

Infamous Nigerian cosmetic surgeon, and CEO of Med Contour Medical and Laser Hospital, Dr. Anu Fella has finally responded to allegations leveled against on her botched surgeries.

Speaking to Abisola Alawode of Legit.ng, Dr. Anu, who was accused of negligence and attempted ploy to kill Omohtee recounted how she was blackmailed by a popular blogger.

She also reacted to claims that she sacrifices some of her clients for ritual use.

Speaking during the interview, she said;

“As at the time Omohtee said her but cheeks was numb and not the same, she was 4 months post op. At first, skin numbness is normal post-surgery. For some people it takes longer, it depends on your body. However, with proper post-operative care, that should not last for long. You are supposed to have surgery massage that will stimulate your blood vessels; it also helps with tissue profusion.

Some patients are not able to do all of this because of financial constraints or distance. We tell them what to do and they tell us we have someone who can do this for me at home and then they go home and you have some that you tell not to sit for two weeks or two months and you find them sitting, you tell patients you cannot drink or smoke and they go behind your back and do all these things.

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