Don’t stay idle, widow advises women

A 40-year-old widow, Rabiatu Musa, on Friday advised women not to stay idle, but engage in businesses that would raise their economic status and become less dependent on men.

The widow, who gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna, said it was important for women especially those at home to earn a living and not continuously rely on their husbands.

“Women should not stay home idle depending on their husband for everything, they must start something no matter how little to earn income as no one knows tomorrow,” she stressed.

Musa said even though she lost her husband years ago, she has been able to cater for her family from the little business she runs, and was able to sponsor her children in school.

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“I make an average of N150,000 bi-monthly from my poultry business and sale of grains which I went fully into after the death of my husband.

” I started the business when he was alive with just 15 birds, but now I have been able to raise the stock to more than 100 birds and the proceeds from that has been most helpful.

“My first son is now awaiting admission into the university, while the rest of the four children are in secondary and primary schools”, the widow said.

She stressed that it was important for women to learn to earn decent decent living in order to raise decent families.

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