It is blatantly ill mannered and mostly risky that in life a man of prominence and standing in the person of Chief Fani Kayode instead of working to protect his integrity has chosen to ruin it with mindless,careless and repulsive utterances he usually credit to persons without any iota of incitement.

This is made in reaction to Fani s unguided advances,calumny and insults against the person and character of Barr.Aliyu Gausau,the Deputy Governor of Zamfara State on his instragram page today,24th August,2021.In Fani Kayode s statement,he chided and bemoaned the said deputy governor for failing to decamp to APC with Bello Mattaelle.Chief Fani opined that it was an act of disloyalty on the part of the deputy governor to have chosen to remain in PDP than defecting to APC with Bello,the governor.He then concluded his post with a debasing and insulting inscription against Aliyu Gausau ” Shame on you! “

In this regard, it is still surprising even to the point of being at sea what must have triggered such utterances against the seating deupty governor by Fani Kayode. Does Fani expect Aliyu Gausau to defect to APC under whose platform he did not contest election rather than remaining loyal to PDP that gave him a leeway to success on a platter of gold? Has Mr.Fault finder ( Fani) forgotten that it was Bello Mattawelle that acted the script of disloyalty by biting PDP that fed him with a reckless abandon? Where is the common sense of value judgement in Fani Kayode to have insulted the deputy governor ? What element of character or instinct in the deputy governor would make him to feel shameful?Has Fani failed to comprehend that bad words close doors of favour even against one s children in future? Does he know that bad words endangers life while good ones flourish it?

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The same Fani Kayode that assaulted a journalist when he inquired to know who was bankrolling Chief Fani on his State to State tour some time this year in Calabar,Cross River State.So,that means the same Fani felt bad when such question was asked him. It was the same Fani who mindlessly insulted Dr.Kamalla Harris, the Vice President of America with derogatory words that” her outlook resembled that of the biblical jezebel. This happened during the 2020 November USA Presidential election period .Why is Fani Kayode always in the habit of making derogatory statements on people without any provocation? Does he in his life take time to sit, meditate and evaluate how people see most of his misguided public outburst? This is really unbelievable and least expected of a man who works to earn virtues and good name.

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PDP Coalition in her discretion is professionally asking Chief Kayode to tame his tongue and stop vulgarly and un provocatively publishing outbursts against the personalities of his fellow humans be it highly placed persons or otherwise. Every living being here on the earth soil deserves respect and as popularly held in our contemporary society, it is believed that the same respect is reciprocal.

This umbrella body hereby asks that Chief Fani Kayode treads with caution in his utterances so that he could avoid the danger of carlessly and unnecessarily plunging himself into unexpected crisis with people for nothing sake.Fani must be aware of the fact that he does not have everything on earth. He needs others to move on to the next level in life, so do other persons need him in turns. What you release to the society is what is returned to you in equal measures.

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Finally,People Democratic Party Coalition reiterates emphatically that Barr Aliyu Gausau is not a abuser of courtesy neither is he an ingrate like Gov Bello Mattawalle who decamped to APC regardless of and in total defiance to values and gesture reciprocations.Barr Aliyu Gausau cannot be cowed and should not be distracted by any mischief maker or peddler of falsehood as the young and vibrant leader concentrates on delivering his mandate promises to the good people of Zamfara State.

Chief Dr.Emeka Kalu,National Coordinator, PDP Coalition.

What are your thoughts?

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