CSO moves to enhance Voters registration in Enugu States

From Maurice Okafor,Enugu.

Not satisfied with the dull moment and lacklustre attitude associated with the ongoing continuous voter’s registration in Enugu state, being conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission[INEC], a Civil Society Organization[CSO] known as ‘Enugu State Citizens Support for Equity and Good Governance[ESCSEG] has taken it as a challenge to arouse the interest of the citizens to participate actively in the exercise.

As a means to achieving this noble objective, ESCSEG has embarked on a tour of all the 17 local government areas in Enugu state, where it is inaugurating volunteer workers that will help to drive the message to the rural dwellers in all nooks and crannies of the state.

ESCSEG Coordinator, Comrade Onyendozi(right),congratulating Nkanu West LGA  Volunteer workers of the organization, after their inauguration on Thursday,September 16,at Agbani hqtrs of the council.

At the occasion of the inauguration of Nkanu West local government area chapter on Thursday, September 16, the ESCSEG state Coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onyendozi, emphasized the group decided to embark on the exercise as its contribution to the growth of democracy in Enugu state and at the long run, closing the gap between the governed and the government.

He emphasized that ESCESEG even though not a political party decided to embark on the project to overcome the current voter’s apathy and negligence of the exercise in Enugu state.

He disclosed that increasing voters registration will make the citizens have more bargaining power in attracting socio infrastructural development from the government. Even as the Igbo nation is clamouring for an additional and lack of federal government projects in the zone, it is only when the South-East zone churns out a great percentage of eligible voters comparable to those of the Northern zones of the country, that the zone will present strong arguments to back up their demand.

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Comrade Onyendozi tasked the ESCSEG volunteer workers in Nkanu West local government

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