Covid-19: Use BVN and pay us, Nigerians begs Buhari

After the Federal government revealed that it has started sending cash to the poor citizens, with many testifying that they’ve not received any money from the government.

President Buhari had on Monday during a nationwide broadcast stated that the initial 14-day lockdown in affected states is still on.

The President said that the decision was taken in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus disease in the country.

Some Nigerians took to their social media pages, asking that each person should receive at least N20,000 from all the billion naira donations, with a hashtag ‘pay us via BVN’ which is the number one trend on Twitter.

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Here are some comments gathered by ODOGWU MEDIA from twitter:

@yemihazan ”Namibia government has started transferring money to it’s citizens bank accounts & every other means employable.. We have the money, resources and a good amount of donations.. we can’t go another 14 days in emptiness !pay us via BVN.”

@Generalvemo” Dear Nigerian government, pay 20k per person. pay us via BVN.”

@egwurita1”Over 80million American’s to get paid b4 Wednesday. Log into the designated website, input your details & get your relief package (in form of cash) Here in Nigeria , we only hear abt billions distributed to invisible millions of households Fed Govt! Every1 needs help now! pay us via BVN.”

@yemihazan ”Many have families to feed and many they depend on, if you must extend the lockdown make us of the BVN to aid survival.MBuhari, pay us via BVN.”

What are your thoughts?