Court convicts Kano cleric to death for blasphemy


A Kano Upper Shari’a court has sentenced Abduljabbar Nasiru-Kabara, a cleric, for heresy.

Nasiru-Kabara was charged over alleged blasphemous comments against Prophet Muhammad.

The charges were preferred against him by the Kano state government.

Suraj Sa’eda, the prosecution counsel, said the defendant committed the offence on August 10, October 25, and December 20, 2019.

Delivering judgment on Thursday, Ibrahim Sarki Yola, the presiding kadi(judge), said: “I am convinced that the prosecution counsel has done their part and proven their points beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Before pronouncing the sentence, the kadi asked if the convict had anything to say.

Aminu Abubakar, who appeared as the defence counsel, prayed to the court to be lenient with the accused, adding that he acted out of ignorance.

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‘I will die a hero’ — court sentences Kano cleric to death for blasphemy
Abduljabar Nasir Kabara

However, the cleric interjected and denied knowing the lawyer.

“I don’t know him. This is the first time I am seeing him. He should not be allowed to speak on my behalf. I can and should be allowed to speak for myself,” he said.

Speaking further, Abduljabbar said: “My lord, after I heard how you twisted all my evidence, you turned around all my submissions upside down, you have assigned words to me that I have never uttered.

“Deliver your judgement, and I am not asking for leniency at all. I want all my followers to know that I will die a hero and I don’t want you (the Judge) Ibrahim Sarki Yola to do me any favour or grant me leniency. This is my last word. Assalamu Alaikum.”

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The convict was, thereafter, sentenced to death by hanging.

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