Recall Mr. President’s refusal to accept National Honour of CFR by former President Obasanjo’s government. Behind the scene of that honour was another frittered effort by the former regime of Obasanjo to cover what Mr. President will expose when he comes to power. Also the allegation of some agents of corrupt group on #2.8Billion NNPC fund which the second Repupblic Senate leader, Olusola Saraki was about using to embarrass Mr. President, but an NTA reporter Miss Vera Ifudu went to interview Dr. Olusola Saraki who allegedly said his committee discovered the missing fund in a Bank in England. After the interview the NTA reporter reported Saraki verbatim saying that there was no money missing.

In addition the report of Hon. Justice Ayo Irikefe’s enquiry and that of NTA investigative report on the issue destroyed all the allegations against Buhari including that of Tai Solarin. The NTA reporter was dismissed for her investigative report over the issue for saying the truth like Ayo Irikefe and was replaced with Mrs. Chris Anyanwu now Distinguished Senator Chris Anyanwu who was reporter covering National Assembly bit. The lady Vera Ifudu later went to court to challenge her wrongful dismissal and was paid heavily by the NTA. Later she voluntarily retired from NTA.

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People who desire to truncate the war on corruption always use #2.8Billion allegation as a ploy. The same thing happened on PTF. During Buhari’s tenure in office as PTF Chairman, all the infrastructures that are in use today were done by him especially in the South East. Today he is being vilified by the corrupt people, they have taken it on themselves trying to create an impression that the presidential order which he has just put in action were not done in consonance with the Judicial orders.

When uninformed educated illiterates say that Buhari has no Certificate, I always laugh at them. In short let me quote his (Buhari’s) boss at the time he was serving under General Martin Adamu who described him as a first class officer, very brave, but very calm, he always hold himself and insist on the standard of his men; he has first class discipline and integrity and tend to insist on such quality in his subordinates both officers and men to measure up to his standard.

General Buhari was once quoted thus – “I have discovered that people who drafted me into politics were not sincere after all, they only wanted to use me to get appointments or their personal aggrandizement and not to serve the nation or the masses diligently and honestly”. Like what is happening now, so many people are calling the head of APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to resign or be dismissed by the party but unknown to them that the Change Mantra had begun. Have we ever heard open primaries in any election in this country? They always formerly go for selective primary. But Mr. President and Comrade Adams Oshiomhole stood their ground because we nominated Mr. President in an open primary making it open for whoever that may like to contest with Mr. President to come in. Overwhelmingly, Mr. President won with millions of votes without spending a dime. So some other people have never had it this way and those that are agitating are part of corruption that is fighting back. I challenge the opposition PDP and others to do the same thing as APC had done.

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Comrade Adams Oshiomhole stuck his head to be used as a sacrificial lamb to achieve an innovation that had never been done in any part of the world. Anybody who wishes to realize the enormity of sacrifice Comrade Oshiomole is going through now will appreciate him and go home to thank God for giving us leadership in the persons of Mr. President and Oshiomhole. The issue now in our country Nigeria, no other person will fight for us in this fight against corruption, we have to tell those people that are resisting our fight now they cannot win. The corruption is what we of the APC are fighting now be it in your Home, Ward, Local government, State and federal level. We know in the cause of this fight, we are touching their pockets and there must be resistance. We will not be intimidated. We will not allow them to take away our Patrimony.

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Concluding, I want to quote Buhari in one of his Public Speeches – “I am used to frustration, I am not afraid of it now, after 2003 election and after Obasanjo’s election they frustrated my case for 30 months”. In a similar development Chief Femi Adesina while nudging Buhari to go on said and I quote- “We can only ask the old soldier from Daura to match on, on this issue some of us will follow him into battle blindfolded, no problem at all; the tested war horse had indeed inexorably so assured. I will fight to the end (Daily Sun 18th July, 2017). Therefore no retreat no surrender, the battle continues. 

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