Cornucopia-Exposed: How Billions of Anambra State IGR is diverted, the war at Revenue house


By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Awka

What shall I write! Whose name shalll I call? The Billions diverted are mund boggling. The Anambra State Government Revenue House is stinking. No wonder, the boss resigned. The Office of the Anambra State SSG is fingered. So many names mentioned but I won’t go into them now.

However, read this letters exclusively obtained from the office of the Governor in an exclusive moves by for CORNUCOPIA and tell me why I should not call so many people out.

Read for yourself and be stunned

I wish to respectfully reply to your query in respect to the above subject matter signed and dated October 6, 2l023. I reply to you out of respect I hold unto the Governor who appointed you, and respect I have for you as an elder as well as to set the record straight.
It is indeed noteworthy that you issued a query to me and leaked same to the press and the general public to humiliate my person. I would expect you to also leak my reply to the press as well as the reading public.
Mr. Chairman, you are fully aware that about 90% of the State Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) are criminally in the hands of private individuals. We are battling with touts and other revenue thieves in collection of the remaining 10%. Most of these private individuals have their tentacles rooted in some
government officials who back their activities (for weekly returns) and who are bent on peeling off the
State IGR into their private bank accounts. Today, touts (agboros) are in the multiplicity of their numbers across the State supported by these acclaimed powerful individuals and backed up by you. It is unfortunate
and regrettable that you knowingly made yourself a willing tool for these evil and heartless men to operate. Instances abound where I arrested revenue criminals, charged them to court and remanded them in prison
custody but you wrote to release them to continue in their IGR stealing activities thereby making nonsense of whatever efforts made in arresting them and demoralizing the willing spirits that are ready to root out criminality in our State. The New State policy on IGR transformation is digital technology and electronics
collections. It is evidently clear that you are working in tandem with the IGR mafia, hawks, and vandals, for
whatever reasons known to you. Is this how we are going to achieve the N4b (four billion naira) monthly
benchmark expected of us by Mr. Governor? People who suffer from your style of leadership are the very
citizens that voted this Government into power. Today, several businesses have moved across the Niger to settle in Asaba, Delta State and several people who come to Onitsha and other parts of Anambra State to buy goods and services no longer come as a result of the criminal activities of touts.
Now, let’s take a tour on the issues raised in your query:
1.a. Firstly, on the late night of Tuesday 3rd October 2023, I received a call from the Anaku Divisional Police Officer (DPO), Mr. Harrison who reported an unprecedented activity from the Revenue agents in the Ayamelum axis of which he tagged “revenue criminals”. He maintained that there have been outbursts of
hooliganism at Anaku junction, close to the Anaku Police Station. He also stated that there were severe AK47 gun shots at the revenue collection point the night before and requested my office to intervene. I intervened in the matter to rescue my community from the hoodlums…

Dear Madubuko, I will thank you to pay rapt attention to the following circumstances associated with your person:

  1. I received a report yesterday, from Mr. Ben Okafor an Executive Director in the Service, wherein my attention was drawn to the operations you carried out on
    October 4 and October 5 within the areas of Ayamelum, Onitsha North and Ogbaru whereof you conducted various arrests involving IGR collection Personnel of one of Authorised Partners—Bigly Oil and Gas Limited. Actions greatly considered inimical to the IGR efforts of the Service and the State in particular…

What are your thoughts?

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