Cornucopia: Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka; Ven Nnamdi B. Emendu’s Decade of Excellence


By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, PhD

Who is Ven Nnamdi B. Emendu, PhD? What’s his antecedents in school management? As the Principal of Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka, has he done anything in the last decade?

I was happy when a medical doctor, Dr Innocent Chukwuemeka Okoye, aka Dr Ibegbu, now a Professor of Cardiology at COOUTH, said that my father, who was his teacher, invited him. He told me that he came because of my dad, not because I invited him. I was amazed that he still remembered that my dad once taught him. My father, now a senior citizen taught many great men in primary school. Had he invited many of the pupils he had taught, I would have been glad, but he invited just a few of them.

Okoye is the first Professor Amanuke produced. He is also the first medical doctor and Medical Director of our hospital as well as a former President General of Amanuke Town Union. It is shame that The General Hospital Amanuke, probably the worst in the state now, has been abandoned. Back in the 80s, the hospital built by communal effort, was a model. It still remains an eyesore even when the Commissioner for Health, Dr Afam Obidike confided in me that it would have a new look before my father’s 80th birthday which was in December 2023.

Amanuke, Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State was agog on 16th December, 2023. My father, Odogwu Samuel Agunwa, aka Akunnia, turned 80 years while my mother, Elizabeth Ijeoma Odogwu, aka Queen turned 67th. They both celebrated 47th wedding anniversary. It was grand and solemn. Surprisingly, and I expressed so to him, Chief Valentine Ozigbo, Gubernatorial candidate of PDP in last Anambra State election was in Amanuke with a retinue of politicians and aides. He showcased humility because I didn’t know he was going to come since I didn’t go to his house to invite him. I honestly wasn’t expecting to see him because I was once very close to him but along the line, a lot of things changed between us. How it happened I don’t know yet. There is nothing to understand anymore. Politics happened to me. period! There was an article I wrote that was critical of other contenders while I sang high praises of his sterling qualities that nailed me before some other contenders, so I was told about my innocent opinion and stand as an analyst by a highly rated politician.

Again, Obi Alfred Achebe, the traditional ruler of Onitsha has vindicated my concern that this government abandoned the Fourth Estate of the realm which has information to ensure good governance. And we have been watching, waiting for the opportune time to either strike or loose it forever.

Archbishop Alexander Chibuzo
Ibezim PhD, the Archbishop Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger and Bishop Awka Diocese had long left the church after the 47th wedding anniversary service, together with other guests, but I didn’t know what kept me in the Church longer than necessary. On my way, my vehicle and an oncoming vehicle couldn’t pass through a lane but the other vehicle kept coming towards me. Suddenly, the occupant alighted and headed straight to Holy Trinity Anglican Church Amanuke which is close to Afor Market. I came down from my car and headed to the field. We met each other but nobody in his convoy raised any alarm over who had the right of way. Low and behold, he was Ozigbo. I welcomed him to Amanuke and we went back to the field. His entrance changed the scenario, unfortunately, my DJ and decoration team were still trying to put things in place by 2pm.He clearly understood the situation. We took photographs and he was such an organizer that he directed a lot personally to ensure stress was off me instantly. His impression shall be lasting on my parents and Amanuke community as well as our guests. Luckily, the Chairman of the occasion, Otosi Achalla, Chief Hon Uyammadu Kingsley C was on ground to recieve him. Otosi Achalla aspired to lead Awka North and South in the Federal House of Representatives under YPP.

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I have just realized that happiness doesn’t come from material things and neither does it come from primitive acquisition of wealth. True happiness comes from souls you have blessed with the wealth or talent God has given to you. The laughter and smiles you put on their faces will always be remembered for good even when you are no more in the world. I am talking about my friend and I hope he considers me a friend! I think society somehow dislikes journalists. If it is not a fraudulent petition levelled against you, it may be outright witch-hunting or you are being threatened with death. But in relationships, society seems to pretend to love the work of journalists. It is wonderful when society is less critical of you but when the bullets hit you, your boss or a relative, you will see the extent to which a journalist’s life is fiercely and menacingly targeted. Tufiakwa!

That wealthy man I regarded as my friend had wealth beyond imagination, unfortunately, none of his children is interested in his massive wealth. He sent them abroad for higher education but they have acclimatized themselves with so much western culture that the issue of inheritance means nothing to them. They prefer working for someone in Canada, UK, US and Germany to inheriting businesses and bank shares worth billions, if not trillions of naira. The man couldn’t believe his ears when the children told him their mind. His wife was devastated also. Unfortunately, there are no foster children to trust and no mentees like Prof Chinyere Stella Okunna has so many, and relatives to sustain the chain of businesses. Since then, he has been lamenting about the incident. At a point, he wanted to know if I could manage his businesses scattered all over Nigeria as the Executive Director. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take his offer because I was overwhelmed by the amount of money involved. I wasn’t sure I could manage such large amount of money without losing my senses. I literally ran out of his house that day. I would have loved to mention his name but he warned me not to as if he knew Cornucopia was loading. He suppoosed to be happy but as I write, he is unhappy. All the toils to acquire money in Billions meant nothing again.

Late Mrs Nneka Anoliefo nee Ejikeme aka Ada Ndi Igwe, Anambra died suddenly in active service at 49 but her burial was unsung. She was born in 1974 at Ireh Village, Umuoji, Anambra State. Marriage was not fair to Nneka despite her outstanding qualities that many testified they witnessed about her. Tragically, cancer of the breast left her hollow. At death, I didn’t see the swag associated with a Princess she was. Let me not reflect on her last brawl with Igwe Alfred Achebe over a press statement. That incident shattered her but ‘yadiba’. As Ada Ndi Igwe, Anambra,she was automatically a Princess and so she should be accorded a little Royalty by Ndigwe either through the Chairman HRM Obi Alfred Achebe or HM Igwe Engr S. I Okafor, the Deputy Chairman or the office of the Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs, Hon. Tony Collins Nwabunwanne. They may have representatives but if one’s daughter died, one is expected to be nearby for mourning after the burial as a mark of respect for the deceased even if there is a custom restraining them from coming to the compound during the burial rites. I did not see them. Again, I want to reiterate that society hates journalists and society becomes happier when social media is messing up the media profession for journalists. Do you agree with me that society hates journalists, core field reporters, not PR channels and some Broadcast ego massagers. The real deal are the correspondents. Any day, journalists agree to work for same purpose, the politicians are finished. Can journalists ever focus on one project in the society or a tyrant?

Thank God, Abia State Commissioner of Police is different. He identified with the media organization that came under police hatred. He came personally. Let’s thump up for Anambra State Police Commissioner Aderemi Adeoye. He has shown that he understood that journalists are members of Fourth Estate of the Realm and must be respected. He asked his men to relate cordially with journalists, while stressing that journalists should not break the law. For me, nothing lasts forever, whoever you are. We came to this world with nothing and at death, we shall leave with nothing. Humility and humanity are essential for a better world to emerge. Let’s lend a helping hand.

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Chief Amos Ikegbunam Oduche died sometime in July 2023 at 81. (1842-2023). Who knows him? He was the father of Chief (Dr)Sir Prince Oduche, Ikenga Dunukofia, Okunaenyeife Ifitedunu. Ikenga shocked me during the burial of his father. A committee of friends were raising money in millions for him. Let me not tell you how much was raised but it shows class and investment. if he hadn’t sowed, he wouldn’t have reaped. But he scared me such that I couldn’t come close to him to show my face because I didn’t have millions to contribute to him. I couldn’t offer him my envelope again but I sprayed cash and it ended. Prince Oduche is an old-school boy of Bishop Crowder Seminary Awka. He has done a lot for the school, and he is still doing more. This is a story for another day. Kudos for making Ifitedunu proud on many fronts.

A member of Like Minds at Church of The Holy Spirit Awka, Dr Sir Chinedu Ilokanuno, MD/CEO, May-Fair Specialist Hospital, Iyiagu by Ngozika Estate, a hospital known for all kinds of plastic and reconstructive surgery complex wound and scars, diabetic foot ulcers among others, spoke glowingly about Bishop Crowder Seminary Awka. He is a proud Crowtherian! I assured him I shall visit the school to write about it. He said so many positive things about a school he left after his junior secondary education. And he still pays his dues as a member of Old Boys Association. He also pays at DMGS where he completed his secondary school education. As South-East leader of the Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association of Nigeria, Dr Ilokanuno is the right pedestal. Soon, God shall unveil him and he will add more value to Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka. I wanted more information but the people he was with at that moment deviated from the discourse. I couldn’t get more from him. But the enthusiasm was high. I wish Old Boys of Comprehensive Secondary School, Nawfia will have such enthusiasm. National President of Oldboys of Comprehensive Secondary School Nawfia now renamed Comprehensive Technical and Science College, Nawfia Dr. Oliver Onwubuya has made a lot of sacrifices for the progress of the school but it seems familiar spirits have continued to hold the institution down, despite the fact that Old Boys are billionaires. What a shame! I am also an old boy. Shame on me!

As I left the great surgeon, I ran into another group that mocked me over what they called snobbish attitude of this Prof Soludo- led government to journalists under my watch. Someone has graphically told me why the Soludo administration hates journalists but let me have consolation in Igwe Alfred Achebe who cried out thar Soludo government has no regards for them. Let me mind my business for now and focus on Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka. Where is SP Enukaora-Nwobi Chimdiebele Nkemsinachi Victor Joseph, the PRO of Bishop Crowther Seminary Oldboys Association?

Great Crowtherian… Rise and Shine! Rise and Shine is the motto of Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka. The school is one of the many mission schools blazing the trail in South-East in general and Anambra State in particular. It is a flagship Anglican School in Nigeria.

Bishop Crowther is an Anglican school established by Awka Diocese, Anglican Communion led by Archbishop Alexander Chibuzor Ibezim, PhD, Archbishop, Ecclesiastical Province of the Niger, and Bishop Awka Diocese. Most Revd Ibezim is the proprietor.

At the 2023 Valedictory ceremony which started with a worship at Archbishop Patterson Memorial Chapel, the Old Boys were handy to show the light. The Principal, Ven Nnamdi B. Emendu, PhD had stayed 10 years in the school and by all indications, it’s a decade of excellence and God’s grace. Everyone, including staff and students as well as parents and Oldboys I spoke about Bishop Crowther and Emendu’s stay in the last 10 years gave him a resounding grade hence I decided i won’t mention anyone’s interview because I was looking for his shortcomings not praises.

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Dr. Emendu and his team, Ven. Godfrey Nkeanyimuo and Reverend Nnaemeka Azubuike, the Chaplain are committed to championing quality character and learning in the school. He also recognized that Mrs Martha Chioma Ibezim, M. Ed; PhD, President, Mothers’ Union, Women’s Guild, Girls’ Guild and Young Wives Fellowship had been helpful, Secretary, Diocesan Education Board, Reverend Augustine Otiji’s guidelines were appreciated.

He appreciated Chairman, Parents-Teachers Association, Mr. Preston Madu and his assistant, Mr. A. Igwe, President, Old Boys Association, Sir Barr Chijioke Nwankwo snd Chairman, Management Committee of BCS, Chief Sir Dr Emma Emelumadu as well as Chairman, Diocesan Education Board, Diocese of Awka, Prof Princess Nkechi Ikediugwu among others who handled the position before them for their support for the feats, he recorded in the past ten years. The Works Chairman, Chief Osita Metu and his men were not left out and the Old Boys he described as his pillar of hope in whatever he has achieved in the last ten years as the Principal of BCS, Awka.

Dr Emendu, an associate Professor remarked that Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka has done some innovations in the school including having eight hours lesson a day rather than six hours the school was previously operating, introducing cashless policy into the school system by ensuring that students make use of ‘students’ coupon’ in all money transactions. He said that academic calendar of the school in 2022/2023 was full of successes, including taking 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions in the Senior Science, Senior Arts and Junior categories respectively during the Diocesan Quiz Competition. The school also took the 5th position in Hon Justice T. U Uzokwe Essay Competition and qualified for the second level of the SPARK Science Competition. BCS Awka participated in NNPC National Competition, Inter-Switch Online Mathematics Competition and Future Holds Seminar/Workshop for school prefects and teachers at Paul University, Awka.

On extra- curricular activities, BCS held her 2023 Inter-House Sports Competition with the theme ‘Unveiling Great Potentials through Sports’, the school came first in the make category of Anambra State Cricket Competition, led by Chibueze Nwabueze, the captain, who was named the Man of the Year in the sports event as well as the most valuable player in the male category. At the National Under 11-17 Championship (2023 Zonal qualifiers) PWC, four students of BCS played for Anambra State and came second in the tournament. The Students were Chibueze Nwabueze, Owoh Kosiso, Nzekwe Chukwuebuka and Otti Goodluck.

For Mrs Ebele R. Emendu, his wife, Dr. Emendu described her as his backbone and rib. He appreciated her for her result-oriented duties in the school, as well as her lovely services, care and support. He prayed that God should grant her long life

Under Dr Emendu, BCS Awka has won several Diocesan Quiz Competitions, STAN Quiz Competitions and organized Science and Art Exhibitions.

Archbishop Alexander Chibuzo Ibezim PhD praised Dr Emendu’s ingenuity and drive to take Bishop Crowther Seminary Awka to the highest academic heights unequaled in the history of mission schools in Nigeria.

It is time to trace the giants from Bishop Crowther Seminary doing great across the globe if my request is granted.

Indeed, Bishop Crowther is great! And it is daily rising and shining among the schools in Anambra, South East and Nigeria at large.


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