Controversies surrounding AirPeace Isiagu Crew Uniform


A needless controversy has been ignited by some tribal irredentist!sts over the beautiful Isiagu uniform adorned by the beautiful crew of our high flying airline – AirPeace – as they launched the maiden Lagos-London Gatwick flight.

Many Nigerians were excited at the launch of the direct flight, which has also resulted in many foreign airlines adjusting their fares to the advantage of Nigeria’s flying public.

Nigerians have equally been afforded the opportunity to fly their own flag carrier and at competitive fares.

As the euphoria and excitement were still sweeping across the nation, some inconsequential social media rAts went to town with a typical Igbophobia known to have become the pastime of some ignorAnt and !ll informed tribAl bigOts.

I didn’t want to write on the gibber!sh because I felt that doing so would help the haterS spread their message.

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However, because many people have commented on it, and it had gone viral, I decided to weigh in.

  • Firstly, AirPeace Airlines is a private business concern
  • It is a Nigerian flag carrier and not a national carrier.
  • The airline has the right to choose which inform its crew members will wear.
  • They chose Isiagu, a beautiful outfit popularized by the Igbo nation of Nigeria.
  • Other countries’ airlines adorn different uniforms, which promote their cultural heritage.
  • Such uniforms are not national in outlook but chosen by the companies concerned.
  • The people do not complain that those uniforms are peculiar to a particular tribe.
  • That AirPeace is proudly owned by an Igbo businessman does not mean that in making such choices, he must pander to outfits of other tribes to please these social media irr!tants.
  • Our sports teams are known to have been dressed in uniforms that are not of the Igbo nation and the Igbo have never condemned them nor asked that ‘a national outfit’ be worn.
  • The problem is that some people think the Igbo have no right to decide how to run their businesses and how to live their lives in this country.
  • The idea that the Igbo must be dictated to by a few misguided people on what to do, say, wear, and eat as well as who to vote for, is insulting and disrespectful.
  • AirPeace flies Nigerian flag and every honest Nigerian should be proud of what it has achieved even in the face of daunting obstacles.
  • I must add that these people who are always ever willing to fan embers of hate do not wish this country well.
  • They sow seeds of discord whenever they believe their dictates are not being allowed or adhered to.
  • AirPeace has chosen Isiagu as their crew’s uniform.
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*It is a beautiful outfit.

  • Anybody who does not like it is free to establish their own business and do as they deem fit and proper.
  • The Igbo are proud of their heritage.
  • They equally are proud to promote their heritage just as they have paid a big price for the unity of the nation.
  • No tribe in this country has contributed to the unity of the nation more than Nd’Igbo.
  • That’s why everywhere you go, they’re living, investing, doing businesses, and sucking in the hate that people like this show to them.


Fred Chukwuelobe

What are your thoughts?

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