Chinenye Uyanna opens up on dating married men


Popular actress Chinenye Uyanna has opened up on the home wrecking scandal that almost ruined her 2020.

The beautiful Anambra State born actress tells her story in a recent interview with The Sun.

Recalling the good and bad sides of stardom, she said: “Movie has done wonderful things for me, like on Instagram, some people say I want to gift you something and they buy stuff and send. Some will send perfumes, others will send hair products while some will send make up kits. Some will even ask for account number without even asking for your phone number and send money!

During my birthday I got almost N1 million from fans dashing me money because I did a live video and I categorically said ‘give me my gift.’ Before I could say Jackie Robinson some said ‘drop your account number.’ I did and bingo! Money was just coming in. I was shocked because I never expected it.

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Even this Christmas a lot of people dashed me things on Instagram. If I was not doing well I won’t be getting all that. Even though movie can bring you out, it sometimes can bring out fake news about you. Was it March or May, there was a blogger, I’m not going to mention names because I’m not here to make anybody look popular. The blogger published a rumour stating that I am a home wrecker. I was so happy because when I went to her page, a lot of people supported me; even people that didn’t know me were fighting for me. I wanted to reply her, but when I saw the comments I said there was no need, I had a whole army fighting for me. Trust me, movies have done more good than bad because that is the only scandal I have seen so far. So far so good, I am enjoying it.”

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