Mortal Combat: Pius Anyim Bombs Arthur Eze Again,Respect Your Old Age.

I am constrained to address this letter to you, to express my utter displeasure over your relentless and mindless attacks on me for so long. I have maintained a dignified silence in the face of your multiple provocations but I can no longer do so as you have taken my silence for granted. It is my wish to recap my story with you and advise that, at your age, you should try to show some sense of dignity and decorum.
In an answer to a question in your interview, ODOGWU MEDIA COMMUNICATION. of 16/7/2020, you, in your exuberance, veered off the question put to you, and gleefully recounted how public officers from other parts of the country had enriched you with contracts and oil blocks, while no Igbo man had done as much for you. Then you took on me, as has become your favorite pass time, on how, in your own judgement, I favoured my hometown without doing anything for the entire South East.