Breaking: Ritualist Now Work As TaskForce in Disguise

Everyone should be at alert this time around. The ritualist, parade themselves these days as ANAMBRA STATE COVID-19 TASKFORCE war again not wearing of facemask. A certain woman narrated her story thus:

I was forced into a certain bus on Friday 3rd July at obosi road along Minaj for not wearing my facemask on my way to market. The inscription on the bus was Covid-19 Taskforce, and the boys was wearing exactly the same out fit for covid-19 task force in Anambra state, out of fear I entered the bus because they flogged me although. In the bus I meet 9 other person’s and in there suddenly everyone became dumb and quiet.

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After a long hours of traveling, the bus stopped and we all marched in to an uncompleted building, I realized myself and asked them where are you taking us to. The boys shouted me down beat me up and said they will kill me first. Then in that room they hung a fan and on the generator in other to cut our heads I was the first to go. I called Jesus, Jesus the generator stopped and the fan went off immediately.

I told them my head is too big for ritual. Out of anger they threw us all out, it was almost getting dark, we walked all through the bush and arrived at a road we don’t know panicking. I looked at a sign post there I saw ISELLE UKWA Delta State imagine from obosi down to Delta.

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I left those people in search of my own way. Then I saw a woman narrating my story, she felt for me and told me that the bush was a danger zone and he who goes in there never come back or out . I should thank my God.

Praise God, she gave me some money and I found my way home the same night I entered onitsha and I have now reunited with my family. Lesson: many people may not be this lucky, don’t go out if not necessary. Always wear your facemasks in other to avert some certain unpleasant situations. Spread this testimony. Jesus is Lord. Be at alert and careful. May God be praised.

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