Breaking News: Anambra Govt Cancels Collection Of Levies In Markets


Governor Willie Obiano

The Anambra State Government has canceled the collection of all forms of levies and fees in markets and streets across the State. 

A statement signed by the State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, Mr. C. Don Adinuba said the cancellation will be in effect until first June 2019.

Anambra State Government

According to the statement, the  three month cancellation period is to enable government and leadership of the various markets to deliberate and agree on a more better and effective model of collecting fees and levies in the markets.

It reminded the public that the ban on sales of emblem is still in force, warning that anybody caught violating this cancelation and ban on sales of emblem will be arrested and prosecuted. 

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The statement urges market unions and their leadership, traders, security agencies and the public, to comply with the directive.

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  644. DeFi is a general name for decentralized financial transactions. With a more descriptive definition, financial structures that are not dependent on any center or authority are called DeFi. Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are decentralized and do not have decision-making authorities, are examples for DeFi. The main purpose of DeFi is to enable people with internet access to lend, borrow and use banking systems without the need for intermediaries. Another of the most important goals of DeFi is to enable people who do not have access to conventional financial systems to do their financial work. Thanks to DeFi, you can benefit from most of the services supported by banks, such as purchasing insurance, using loans, earning interest, lending and asset swapping.

  645. The old-style jars, cardboard boxes or storage containers are now being replaced by stand-up bags. Bags that can stand on shelves without support from anywhere else are called standing bags. Standing bags make a difference in product presentation compared to other bags, thanks to the packaging that allows the product to stand upright. The bellows at the bottom of the bag provides the inside of the pack to be wider and provides the necessary support for the pack to stand upright on the shelf. Stand up bags are the favorite bags on the shelves as they are quite eye-catching. It provides ease of use to the consumer in the preservation of liquid products. It is easy to use, opens easily and closes easily thanks to the lock system. It preserves the flavor and freshness of the product put inside. It is consumer friendly. Stand up pouches is easy to carry in the bag or anywhere.

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  648. Holiday lettings fethiye, one of Muğla’s most favorite holiday destinations, welcomes local and foreign holidaymakers from all over the world every season. Fethiye, which has a natural wonder geography, magnificent beaches and a unique sea, is one of the holiday centers where you will be most pleased to have a pleasant holiday. In Fethiye, you can experience both night and day entertainment and make the holiday you dream of. Depending on your needs and expectations, Fethiye offers many options with budget hotels for an affordable holiday, family hotels for those who want to plan a family holiday, adult hotels for those who want to stay alone, hotels near the sea and many other categories. Fethiye is a holiday destination that has hotels with a wide price range. Hotel prices in Fethiye vary according to the region where you plan to spend your holiday, the hotel features you prefer and many similar factors. You can add excitement to your holiday with the activities to be done in Fethiye while you enjoy your holiday by making your reservation at the hotel you find most suitable for you. In addition to the hotels, Fethiye also includes the options of pensions, rental apartments or rental villas. Fethiye impresses with its magnificent accommodation facilities with everything you need. If your holiday plan is Fethiye, you can be sure that you will experience a real holiday and you will not regret it.

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  654. There are ear piercings, facial piercings, mouth piercings, body piercings and many similar piercings. Body piercing includes piercings made in various parts of the body such as belly button, nape, breastbone, neck and shoulder. Vampire bite piercing is a body piercing done on the neck or shoulder side of the body. After getting a vampire bites piercing, there are some points to be considered so that the punctured area does not get germs or infections. Piercing must be dried. The piercing should not be constantly and unnecessarily touched or turned. Hands should be washed before and after touching the piercing. Piercing should be personal and should not be shared with anyone else. Jewelry should not be removed before the puncture site is completely healed. The bark of the punctured part should not be removed because the crust protects the wound from infection. Alcohol-based cleaning solutions, skin cleaners, antiseptic solutions or cream should not be applied on the punctured part. Since these dry the skin, they can prolong the healing time of the punctured part.

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