(By Alex Uzoigwe)

      The backwardness of most African countries has been attributed to bad leadership styles and greed said to have been compounded by some degrees of ethnic superiority complex.
     The situation was also blamed for sporadic oppositions apparently spreading across most countries, institutions and families in Africa.
    A cleric in the Anglican Church, Rev Canon Innocent Ọkpara of the Diocese on the Niger, made the statement in the sermon he delivered at the Immanuel Anglican Church, Umunnachi, Dunukofia Local Government Area of Anambra State, Sunday, October 1, 2023.
       The church service marked his first formal service in the station having been transferred from St John's Anglican Church, Fegge, in Onitsha.
       In the sermon which he tagged,  "Handling Oppositions", the reverend canon 

explained that backwardness of any nation, institution or family naturally occurred when leaderships were bad and despotic.
Although the man of God conceded that oppositions had been a thing of old, having, according to him, started in Heaven when Lucifer rebelled against God, he said in the physical world, oppositions could come from anywhere; in government, in the family or in the place of work.
He had while condemning bad leadership and its aftermaths, chided those who he said relished in oppositions as a result of bad and despotic leadership.
Rev Canon Ọkpara however said that both bad leadership and oppositions were fundamentally of the same category as he remarked that they were inimical to any society, describing them as basic causes of the backwardness of most nations.
He also cautioned against racial, professional and religious superiority complex which he said did not only breed oppositions but were also major paths to backwardness, saying, “It is wrong when some people feel they are better than others”.
Rev Canon Ọkpara sued for peace, love and understanding among nations, institutions and families, calling for godly leadership and entreating all to tao the path of rightuosness and consistent prayers.
Highlights of the church service were the administration of the Holy Communion and the presentation to the congregation of the trophy which the Anglican Children’s Ministry (ACM) of the church won at the Archdeaconry.


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