Another home coming of Comprehensive Secondary School Nawfia ’95 Alumni

Nawfia Class of '95 Reunion Party

by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

2nd January, 2019 was memorable to me. That day, I saw some of my Secondary school mates again after 24 years. I was excited seeing them and it was indeed marvellous. We had priests of diverse denominations, Medical doctors, Journalists, Business Tycoons, Engineers, Lawyers, Lecturers, Butchers, Agents of all kinds, Professionals in diverse field and of course, those who life cheated despite all their efforts. But, we ignored our perceived shortcomings and ego to come together in thanksgiving to God.

Dr. Odogwu Emeka Odogwu (L) with his 1995 classmates at the reunion party
Dr. Odogwu Emeka Odogwu (L) with his 1995 classmates at the reunion party

At that event, we learnt how merciful God has been as we counted ourselves, only to realize some have gone to the great beyond, and never to return. We mourned them and resolved to reunite better for ourselves no matter what. At that point in time, I was broke for over 2 years already. I had millions as arrears of my unpaid entitlements, but it was not forthcoming and no one was talking about that.

My mind was filled on whether I should go or not. I made excuses on why I should not go. Then, my hunch told me life is the greatest gift, that these people are my mates after all and whatever,  I should go for the reunion.Today when I looked back and saw how marvellous that opportunity made me reconnect with my mates, I bless God.Those who didn’t come may have gone through same misconceptions I had, that made me feel reluctant to join my mates in thanksgiving.

I had taught that I would be the only broke guy to attend, since some were coming to show off because they have made it.  I forgot the chances that assuming, all my mates have made it, someone there might be of help to lift me up.

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 Mates exist for each other and you never can tell. Open up and you will be amazed.I had taught it would be a gathering of people with social status far from mine. I forgot this were my mates in same class and I was not found wanting while a student, so why not even if my status didn’t match theirs. They were my school mates.

I had taught if they contribute money I wouldn’t be able to meet up. But, low and behold it was not all about money contribution and those who could not afford it at that material time were not bothered as it was free will and members donated according to their new status and charity mindedness.

Dr. Odogwu Emeka Odogwu (L) with his 1995 classmates at the reunion party
Dr. Odogwu Emeka Odogwu (L) with his 1995 classmates at the reunion party

 Nobody intimidated the other, rather it was conviviality all the way. We even discussed on how to lift members finding it difficult now, but no one indicated interest including my humble self that was a sort of broke. My condition wasn’t pitiable, but I knew I was no longer in control of affairs around me as usual.

Against my belief that it was not worth it, I reunited with old friends, had some networking and surprisingly nobody referred to me as a broke guy and we recognized and respected each other, even encouraged ourselves to marry and wait no more for Miss Right as time was flying. We shared sweet old memories. Poor me! I was thinking only in terms of cash, even when I know I was and remained a millionaire in and out of season, even with a PhD. Nawaooooooh! Covetousness or what? God, I apologize for such misconception. Thank you for life and health.

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Let all old boys think positively and join their mates to celebrate always. It’s not all about money. Be thankful, no matter the situation for many have gone, and gone forever. 

But, honestly Mr Emeka Onyekwena, aka Snazzy was the bomb who made it possible as he was pleading with old boys to turn up and mobilized others to join. Rev Canon Decency Edozie Chine took it up from there and even blessed us with the presence of his darling wife. Let me not say much of Igwe Ike Nibo, Frank Umeadi who took it up as a personal task and ensured Trig Point hotels bowed to our requests. 

We had a blast. It was indeed memorable.

That first reunion of Comprehensive Secondary School, Nawfia Anambra state Class of ’95 was unique in several ways. It was held on 2nd January, 2019, at Trig-Point Hotel, Nibo, Anambra State. Aside, exchange of contacts, meeting on the way forward, we elected our officials to pilot the affairs of the classmates. We elected Igwe Ike Nibo , Frank Umeadi as Chairman, Obinna Nwankwo, Secretary, Okey Amatta, Treasurer and Comrade Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, JP  as PRO.

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Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Nawfia '95 Reunion party
Comprehensive Sec. Sch. Nawfia ’95 Reunion party

Surprisingly, the set wasn’t selfish as their first shot was to agree to make a remarkable impact on their Alma Mater, Comprehensive Secondary School, Nawfia and to meet with the old boys national leadership led by Dr Oliver Onwughalu, a medical doctor. We agreed to support each other always. We agreed to visit their Alma mater for familiarization, the National Executive council of CSS Nawfia, though, individuals were encouraged to identify with the national body, the need for a standing rule or bye law was discussed.

We agreed to look for members having problems to lift them collectively. We agreed that members should always inform us about their success and challenges to either rejoice or sorrow with them. It was at that meeting that 4th January 2020 was agreed for a second reunion at same venue and same merriment.

Surprisingly too though not shockingly, our two members Obinna Ezeobi  aka Dorcas and Chukwuka Obi aka Estate announced their decision to host/sponsor the 2020 reunion. That elicited jubilation and solidarity.

Igwe Ike Nibo, chairman CSS Nawfia class of ’95 is hopeful that 4th January, 2020, at Trig Point hotel, Nibo, a great reunion would be organized for old boys of CSS Nawfia, class of ‘95.

Odogwu, PhD is a journalist, Editor, Blogger and a media consultant. 08060750240[email protected]

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