ANAMBRA: Traders Fault Govt Nullification of Market Election 


By polycarp Ifeanyi 

Traders in Ogbaru Main Market, near Onitsha Anambra State have faulted the recent decision of Anambra State government to nullify its January 25, 2022 general election conducted in the Market.

The State government through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry dissolved Care-taker Committees of 30 Markets and constituted new ones to replace two other Market leaderships with flawed election in order to reform and modernize Markets.

However, traders in Ogbaru Main Market who expressed their feeling in an interview with Ikengaonline described such decission as a bomb shell and unexpected especially from the new administration in the state.

Speaking to our reporter, a trader in Ogbaru, Elder Emma Ugwuowele urged the State government to have a rethink on it’s decision.

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“This decision is not proper because our market is not in crises that warranted nullification of our election, which we convicted o peacefully over three months. How can government start talking of caretaker in Ogbaru Main Market ? We have been experiencing tranquility since the administration of Mr Ndubuisi Ochiogu and we cannot afford to go back to Egypt again.”

Similarly, a market leader who did not want his name published faulted the removal of Mr. Ndubuisi Ochiogo of the Ogbaru Market stating, that he does not deserve such treatment from the State Government.

We are all human being. Ndubuisi Ochiogu is doing well. The young man is doing well as the elected Chairman and also does his best in serving government. He should not deserve such treatment and traders are not happy.

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Also, Mr. Anthony Nwaele, a food stuff dealer accused oppositions in the market who failed election as the brain behind the State government decision.

” This decision must be instigated by those who wants to rule our Market by fire by force. The governor should come into our Market and verify facts.

“Professor Soludo cannot compensate us this way. We even expected him to come for thank you visit in our Market because we worked for his victory as the State Governor during the election” 

In the same vein, Mr. Remigius Ikopuka, a drug merchant noted that the umbrella body of Anambra  State Market( ASMATA) which was  instituted by the State government conducted the election of Ogbaru Main Market, contending that government cannot contradicts its self by coming up with policy to nullify the same election without investigating the outcome of the election. “

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Another trader, Comrade Ossy Nwannadi, Mr. Umeidodo Raphael, Mr. Everest Igaa pleaded with the State government to make a u-turn in their decision and retain the elected leaders.

Other traders in their separate interviews said they are comfortable with their leaders. They noted that there is no crisis in the markets to warrant the nullification of the election in the market.

What are your thoughts?

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