ANAMBRA – The way to go by Ifedi Okwenna


My aspiration to be the Governor of Anambra State is anchored on the following five core objectives. The plans, policies and programmes that will guide and reshape our State are drawn from these core objectives. The objectives are:


2. To return the State as the leading Centre for Commerce, Trade and Industry

Ndi Anambra are the traders, businessmen and industrialists of Nigeria. Onitsha Main Market used to be the largest market in the whole of West Africa, receiving merchants and traders from most part of Africa. Sadly, we may have lost this preeminent rating to other states, thanks to our brothers who went to other Nigerian cities , invested heavily there, building bigger and better markets and stayed on, contributing to the growth and development of these cities. The unfortunate thing is that despite their investments and contributions to the growth of these areas, they are not always appreciated by their hosts.

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Anambra have human and material capitals, but the capitals are no longer working for us, because our people find it more attractive to invest in other parts of the country. One can hardly blame these businessmen. The fault is with our governments which have abandoned their roles and left our markets uncared for and unattractive.

Going forward, our intention is to make our markets business-friendly with necessary administrative, infrastructural and technological backbone and maximum government attention and support so as to attract Anambra business men and women back home as well as to bring back businesses across Africa back to Anambra.

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This is the way to go.

Join us, let’s go to work.
It’s possible.


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