Anambra PDP Hyper Alarmed As APGA Govt Continue To Suffocate Dear State With Debts



With recent report placing Anambra State as one of the five most indebted states in the country, Anambra State PDP is very alarmed that the APGA government is planning to hand over a huge burden to any government that would succeed it.

The State Publicity Secretary of the party, Nnamdi Nwangwu was expressing this deep concern while entertaining some journalists at a recent press chat in Awka.

”The APGA government of Gov Willie Obiano not only  inherited a debt free state, it also was buoyed with a N75 billion inheritance from a very thoughtful preceding government.


”How on earth did we nosedive within just six years to a rock bottom that is sinking even deeper? Borrowing, as everyone knows, is not a crime. However, what may be a crime is what you borrowed for. I ask you as people from the Fourth Estate, what can you say this present government is borrowing for? 

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”Cargo Airport that we were assured a Chinese company would invest over two billion dollars? How come Akpokuodike’s government is borrowing N15 billion to start constructing same airport?” Nwangwu asked amidst an expression that defined furiousness.

Any right-thinking individual should be furious at the present financial status of the state.

Foreign Debt  is N111 billion; Local Debt is N66 billion. Not done, the government recently borrowed N15 billion from Access Bank. Summing up to N192 billion and counting! And it is believed that what is owed local contractors is equally staggering and most are not included in the local debts.

”With such a deficit, when will subsequent government recover from this huge depth, knowing that the government in question will characteristically borrow a lot more to attempt to buy the 2021 gubernatorial election?” The Publicity Secretary was full of concern.

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He emphasised that the present APGA government has woefully failed but seemingly interested in putting bottlenecks that would perpetually cripple the state. 

”This is not only unacceptable but also abominable. But whatever happens, Anambra citizens must demand accountability for the state’s resources wasted by this APGA government. Obiano’s handover notes must, like the one handed over to him, be a public document,” he concluded.

What are your thoughts?

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