Anambra man, Peter Nnekwe opens Hotel in Asaba

An Anambra man, Mr Peter Nnekwe from Umuoba Anam , Anambra East local government of Anambra state has opened the 4 Dinner Hotels and Suites Asaba, Delta State.

The hotel located at number 33 Chris Abudei Street, Achala Ibusa, Asaba Delta State is a magnificent structure adorned with all the twenty first century equipment & technology.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the hotel, Mr. Peter Nnekwe, said the hospitality facility is in a serene environment, with a watertight security network, twenty four hours power supply, with Wi-Fi connection, modern rooms and suites, exquisite conference hall and bar, among other local and international services.

The traditional ruler of Umuoba Anam, Igwe Sir George Ekwealor who performed the opening ceremony, prayed God to bless Mr Nnekwe.

293 thoughts on “Anambra man, Peter Nnekwe opens Hotel in Asaba

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