Anambra Judicial Service Commission Secretary Mbanaso Expelled from Amorka Council of Chiefs

The Executive Secretary of Anambra State Judicial Service Commission Barr. SUS Mbanaso has been Expelled from Amorka Council of Chiefs.

The Amorka Council of Chiefs in a statement signed by nine Village Heads of the town out of 10 present at the meeting which took place on January 9, 2021, disclosed that the council is withdrawing the chieftaincy tittle conferred on Mbanaso due to gross misconduct.

According to the statement, sequel to the series of activities aimed at destabilizing Amorka community and the unity among the people over time exhibited by Barrister S.U.S. Mbanaso after the conferment of Chieftaincy title on him, which caused disunity in Amorka community in Ihiala L.G.A of Anambra State; a committee was set up to look into the said actions and inactions and made their reports and recommendations which suggests outright expulsion from the Council of Chiefs.

“But Barrister S.U.S. Mbanaso was given an opportunity to defend himself, and after stating his defence to the allegations, the Amorka Council of Chiefs thereafter suspended him instead of outright expulsion to know whether he will change from his destabilizing activities.

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“Instead of Barrister S.U.S. Mbanaso to turn a new leaf, he rather resorted to intimidating the Amorka Council of Chiefs and the President General of the Amorka Town Union with his new job as the Executive Secretary of the Anambra State Judicial Service Commission, Awka.”

The statement alleged that he (Mbanaso) incited some elements in Amorka against the traditional stool and the President General of the Amorka Town Union which caused manifest division in Amorka today.

“Therefore, today being the 9th day of January 2021, the Igwe of Amorka and the Amorka Council of Chiefs hereby withdraws the Chieftaincy title conferred on Barrister S.U.S. Mbanaso from him and henceforth ceases to be addressed as a Chief in Amorka Community. All rights and privileges accorded to Barrister S.U.S. Mbanaso as a Chief in Amorka are hereby withdrawn,” the Amorka Council of Chiefs stated.

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Reacting to the development, Mbanaso in a letter to Igwe K.O. Obiriolemgbe, said he was summoned to the the palace of the traditional ruler on June 4, 2018, and was told he has been suspended for accepting to be chairman of the Town Union without the consent of the Igwe.

He said he was not given any right to defend himself, adding that his entitlement and right as a chief was suspended till date.

Continuing, he said:” The truth is that up until today, I do not know why I should suffer indefinite suspension from the Council and at the same time denied my rights and privileges as a titled Chief in Amorka Community.”

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According to the Igwe while receiving the letter, said the letter from Mbanaso came very late, saying that he was supposed to reply the council after he was suspended just like Stanley Anujulu whom he was suspended alongside did but he rather, went ahead to be fuelling and causing more troubles in the town.

Mbanaso’s suspension stands. No one is above the community, the essence Chieftaincy tittles is to enable the cabinet members join hands with the Igwe to develop and make the community greater but most people has rather focus on distabilizing the community rather than building and we (the Igwe in Council) have collectlively decided suspend or expel any Chief caught in the act of distabilizing the community.

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