Anambra @29: It will no longer be business as usual

• By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

Anambra, a state blessed with milk and honey is 29 today. The state is significant for many things especially in terms of human capital. The state indeed has the largest number of billionaires in Nigeria while 90% of them hail from a particular town known as Nnewi located in Southern Senatorial District of the state. The town (Nnewi) is not only blessed with billionaires but is so significant because it is the highest contributor to the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state and undoubtedly, remains the manufacturing heartland of Nigeria. This particular town also hosts the third-largest automobile market in the world and by extension is a commerce-centric community. Nnewi community which has extended relationship with other communities that are commonly known as Anaedo is also blessed with sons and daughters who are always successful in anything they ventured into and are widely known as wise men from the east due to the bountiful of wisdom they possess. The community indigenes are also known for their generosity and investment mindset. They always have something to show as proof of their contribution towards the development of human capital and the state in general. However, it is unfortunate that the state is yet to witness a governor that comes from this noble town but this time and by the grace of God, it will no longer be business as usual. Accept my apology if your community feels neglected or insulted by this write-up. Nnewi is not the only blessed town or community in the state but it is always good to give honour to whom honour is due.

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The state always suffer setbacks in the course of development due to the caliber of persons elected as its governors over the years. For several years running, the state has either been governed by elites, technocrats or intellectuals who depend mostly on expired political and economic theories to carry out governance. These individuals did not have the grassroot blood running in their veins and consequently, only rely on the feedbacks from the elites or academically sophisticated persons who never knew the practical challenges being faced by members of their community. They spent most of their times organizing seminars, conferences and grammar-centric gatherings without any touch with the streets and consequently, the state ended up spending huge sums of money on white elephant projects and left the streets and villages dilapidated. Therefore, as we celebrate a new age for our beloved state today, let us not lose hope due to its inability to attain the deserved level yet, rather, let’s focus more on electing future leaders who are always widely in touch with the streets and grassroots.

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As the state prepares to elect a fresh governor, politicians should know that it will no longer be business as usual. It will no longer be a moment of electing, associating or working with technocrats and intellectuals who are only good in speaking big grammar and propagating expired theories that will have no practical impact on the development of streets, villages and the state in general. It will no longer be a moment of electing people who have nothing to show as their contributions towards human capital and their community development as private citizens or when they occupied public positions. It will no longer be a moment of importing someone who resides abroad without any knowledge of the practical challenges being faced by his village, town and the state at large. It will no longer be a moment of planting or imposing someone who dislikes associating with illiterates, poorly educated or street men and women on the people.

This time, ndị Anambra will vote someone who is always in touch with the grassroots. Ndị Anambra will only support someone who is always in touch with everyone especially the less privileged, illiterates, poorly educated, traders, and papa and mama in the villages. This time, ndị Anambra will vote someone who will always rely on sustainable practical relationship with the people as a tool of governance and will not rely on or work with expired theories that will make no positive impact on the development of various communities and wellbeing of the people in the grassroots. This time, ndị Anambra will vote and support someone who has many tangible things to show as his or her contributions towards the development of his immediate community and human capital as a private citizen or when he or she occupied a public office.

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Therefore, if you are presently aspiring to govern our dear state in the future mana o nweghị ihe i ga-egosịnwu anyị ka anyị fụ n’anya, better quit maka disgrace.

Ndị Anambra will this time, vote and support someone with business and leadership acumen as the state had been in lack of such and I can see that messiah among the wise men from the east. This is not sentimental but a fact. You can doubt it at your own peril.

Happy Birthday Anambra State!

  • Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

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