Anambra 2021: Time To Harmonize And Re integrate For Victory – Emeka Kalu

With all sense of concern and instinct for victory, I,Chief Dr.Emeka Kalu,the National Coordinator of PDP Coalition write to reiterate the need for People s Democratic Party in Anambra State to quickly go to the business of the day by working assiduously to harmonize the party structure through interactions and interfacing with all stakeholders,youths,women wing , chieftains and aggrieved members for reconciliation and harmonization. Party leadership succeeds through harmony and unity not via factions and fragmentations .

Recall that during the primaries on the 26th June, 2021 in Late Prof Dora Akinyili Women development centre,Awka,there were series of lopsided handling of the delegates, horse trading and vote buying that led most aspirants who lost in the congress aggrieved and they began to seek the face of other party platforms. There was even a faction of the party that conducted its primaries in a different locations giving the factional ticket to SEN Ugochukwu UBA , All this deluge of fragility does not make any sense nor does it speak hope for victory.

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I crave the indulgence of the Party flag bearer and his campaign team to immediately constitute a harmonization rally that would re integrate and re absorb all aggrieved members into one fold bond of unity.The party is expected to begin inclusive mobilization and campaign through door to door familiarization tour,town hall symposia and sensitized electioneering that would make the good of people of Anambra believe in the party s blueprints and manifestoes.

This calls for the fact that nobody must be neglected but a forum of popular relationship with the electorates be created for solidarity and voting strength.It was in the face of faction and internal misunderstanding that paved way for the current governor of Anambra State to be re elected because aggrieved tickets contestants schemed,took money from other parties and delivered in favour of them.So sad indeed to have this situation repeat itself.

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I also advise that the flag bearer and the party start empowering Anambra youths as a yardstick to show that he is going to run a development and inclusive government when voted into office.Unity is a salient factor that guarantees victory, for no kingdom wins a war in divisibility.

Only only on the Party state chapter in Anambra but also extends to the national drawing board that on its own needs leadership re shaping and re structuring where people of younger age bracket with sound intellctual mind and strength to work will be ushered in to pilot the affairs of the party.An older thing is always replaced with new ones for enhancement and positive results. Party politics is looking for those who can humble themselves to walk on foot to the doorstep of an old man in the village, spend time with him and convince him to vote for you with all readiness to respond to all his inquirie s about the credibility of your party.
With this in place, we are good to go.

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Chief Dr Emeka Kalu
National Cordinator PDP Coailition
South East cordinator Reset Nigerian and social crusader Glibal initiative for Good Governance

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