ANAMBRA 2021 –The Fear Of Soludo – By Hon. Pauly I. Onyeka


Prof. Chukwuma Soludo

The build up to the 2021 Gubernatorial election in Anambra State is already gathering momentum. Some aspirants either overtly or covertly had declared their intention to run, whereas others may be, as a matter of political strategy or Personal milieu have decided not to ‘’Let out the Cat’’ so early.

A mention of one of the would be aspirants (not yet declared intention) – Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo (Cee. Cee) always send Phenomenal Jitter on both the Biological and Political systems of other aspirants and those still standing with them – perhaps seeking reasons to dump them and join the moving Train.

The big question is –Why the Jitter? In answering this question, One Compellingly must borrow from the Scientific principle of Le Chateliers ‘‘When a system is in equilibrium and one of the factors that contributed to the equilibra state of the system is altered, then the system has to shift in order to annul the effect of the change’’
The ratio in the above is that using political barometer to weigh Soludo Vis-a-vis other aspirants in this race shows a remarkable or if you like substantial difference in factors that Project one to success in both Campaign and election proper.
No wonder the erroneous belief of other parties/aspirants in the coming election, that since the emergence of Soludo as a Candidate would automatically cause a shift in the equilibra state of the political system, the much they must do to annul the effect of the change is to start on time to attack both his person & political structure.
The feeble thinkers amongst them may even expect that by so doing, the ever admired and loved Professor. would decline interest. This is indeed day dreaming.

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Their avalanche of evil machinations come in different forms. Prof Soludo’s moral and administrative Sagacity become to them arrogance, and his enrichment of human knowledge via his numerous public lectures made them refer to him as a theorist.

Their masters pledged emptily in the seemingly support to Prof. Soludo for a hospital project at Isuofia when he was the CBN Governor and since the latter’s Professional uprightness could not serve their expectations, they indirectly called off their pledges – as about 98% of the so called ‘’donations’’ where never redeemed. Recently they shamelessly want to make the non-completion of the hospital project an issue (despite Prof Soludo’s Personal efforts which saw the work to enviable level) but after the so called donors were requested to exhibit evidence of redemption they & their servants became hypertensively autistic.

Again having failed in all their other efforts, their idea now should be to inject mistrust and tension in the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), since this is the party that Prof. Soludo belong to and would by the Grace of God propagate his governorship ambition as it’s Candidate.
Just recently a female Journalist based in Anambra brought to my attention the on line circulation of untrue news which in a bit to carry the joke too far, a certain prospective PDP aspirant and his men, in an apparent move to attract cheap political popularity to himself awashed the online media with the fake news of his meeting with the first Lady (Mrs Obiano) and one APGA chieftain. They said that the meeting was a move to see the possibility of the aspirant becoming a better replacement for APGA to help in closing the Governor’s track. What the PDP aspirant does not know is that the same report, fake as it is has portrayed him as a political Jobber who is not interested in the common good of the state and how to develop it, but rather on just becoming the governor irrespective of how it happens.
The truth is that Obiano’s achievements are crystal. They are very clear and evident enough even for the blind to notice. Many landmark projects are either fully completed or ongoing, Examples are the following – three (3) flyovers at Awka, the Enugu-Otu long bridge, the Cargo Airport at Umueri, the international Conference Centre at Agu-Awka, The completion of Golden-Tullip Hotel at Agulu, the lightening of virtually all the major streets and roads in Anambra and its attendant night life, The Evolution of modern security architecture (best in Nigeria) the unabated payment of workers salary-as at when due, Several Phases of Community choose your Project Programme, Many windows of Employment creation especially for the youths in Agriculture, Science & Technology and so many uncountable rosy projects that are already solving the socio-economic and other problems of Ndi Anambra. So which track would the governor and his wife need to cover?

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Meanwhile Hon Chinedu Obidigwe, the fake report quoted is unarguably the most powerful grassroot mobiliser in the entire South East if not Nigeria. He has recently via the platform of the two groups he nutured, The United Anambra Youths Assembly (U-AYA) & the United Anambra Women Assebly (U-AWA) passionately but most graciously requested Governor Willy Obiano during their national Convention at Prof. Dora Akunyili Women Development Centre Awka ‘‘To give them Soludo” In otherwords he was asking His Excellency to support the Candidacy of Soludo. This appeal was elicited publicly. What is more? Men of signs! The only other sign they would be shown is that of election result.

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How can people in other parties especially PDP tell of the happenings in APGA more than the Party members?. This is Utter Meddlesomeness and it is very repugnant to the good principles of partisan politics.

The Fear of Soludo by other aspirants/ Candidates shall indeed be the fulcurum (focal point) in both the Campaign and election of the 2021 guber-election in Anambra state .

The evolution of this fear stems from Prof. Soludo’s classical and unequalled achievements in many strata of life endeavours. ( to be discussed in a later date)

The growth of the fear is directly proportional to the unusual rush/support base, that the candidacy of Soludo receives minute by minute. As I write this piece, new groups are surging from all geopolitical locations in Anambra & beyond in support of the humble, ebullient, proficient and God fearing Professor of Economics, who has got a Vector not a Scalar quality- His effectiveness and efficiency on issues are directional. Prof. Soludo is always in the know where he is headed in any developmental or administrative plan. The real slogan in Anambra today is – Soludo, every where you go! This simply urges all and sundry to Join Soludo’s Moving Train.

What are your thoughts?

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