Analyse the several critics of the APC party



Looking back to analyse the several critics of the APC party and the need to put a checklist on various criticisms.

  1. Buhari APC visited Obasanjo in 2015 seeking endorsement and it was OK but Atiku visits Obasanjo in 2018 they condemn it.
  2. Atiku gave Buhari and APC over 5 billion Naira in 2015 – it was okay but he spends the same amount for his primary bid in 2018 and they condemn it.
  3. It was OK when Atiku gave Buhari APC his private jet to tour across the Country in 2015 but Atiku uses his private jet to tour across the Country in 2018 they condemn it.
  4. When Fr Mbaka supported Buhari APC in 2015 it was okay but when Bishops Kukah, Oyedepo and Sheikh Gumi made peace between Atiku and Obasanjo in 2018 they condemn it.
  5. Obasanjo endorsed Buhari in 2015 and it was okay but Obasanjo endorses Atiku in 2018 they say he is irrelevant.
  6. Buhari begged for his nomination fee in 2015 and 2018, well that is OK too but Atiku paid his nomination fee with his personal money they condemn it.
  7. Obasanjo got Nigeria a huge debt relief and they criticise it but are happy with Buhari’s sale off if Nigeria through foreign debt and they defend and justify it.
  8. Akpabio drained Akwa Ibom for 8yrs they condemned it but when he joined the APC they said he is the angel come to save Akwa Ibom from PDP misrule
  9. Gov Ortom was a hero in APC but they condemned and named him killer when he left the APC
  10. They said Obanikoro stole Nigeria dry but when he defected to APC he became a founding father of Nigeria and all his cases closed.
  11. PDP and Jonathan were fighting Boko Haram they said it was a war against the North #Deployment of troops was anti north and they protected the terrorists, today Buhari APC is fighting Boko Haram they are clapping hands while BH still sheds blood. They don’t know the road to BBC Hausa again. Maiduguri elders forum turned deaf and dumb- #Hypocrisy.
  12. They call Nigerians Lazy. They rule us by propaganda but when we expose their failures … they call it hate speech
  13. Jonathan increased fuel price they occupied Nigeria with protest but Buhari increased same they suddenly went missing
  14. They said subsidy is a lie and there is nothing like subsidy, today Buhari is paying the highest subsidy and they virtually pretend they don’t know
  15. Late President Yar Adua was in foreign hospital Buhari criticised him, Lai Mohammed vomited all his anger. Buhari wrote that he should be impeached. Today Buhari spends more of his time in London hospital … they justify and defend it.
  16. Jonathan built Almajiri Schools they condemned it and today the same schools have been given out to soldiers for camps in the North, children are out of school and they pretend not to know as if they are just passing by.

What are your thoughts?

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