I am delighted to see great party men and women that are gathered to witness the inauguration ceremony of the Anambra State Election Council (SEC) for our dear Party Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). This council brings on board credible individuals, drawn from different segments of our Party, to drive the campaign for the victory of our Party’s candidate.

The task ahead of us does not call for mere occupying of positions, rather, it is a call to service, so that Anambra State will maintain stable and effective leadership come 2022. Therefore, this meeting is not only targeted at inaugurating SEC, it is also a platform for us to share and reflect on the Council’s Terms of Reference, and set preliminary timelines for setting up a formidable election management in 21 LGAs and 326 electoral Wards.

Distinguished council members, I want to emphasize that while reflecting on the task before us, no less is expected of us than our utmost best, which calls for dedication and commitment. More importantly, your demonstration of ingenuity, creativity, innovation and pro-activeness in the handling of both individual and group tasks shall provide the magic that will enable us overcome our opponents.

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Therefore, your conduct and performance must at all times reflect your sensitivity to the needs, for our candidate to emerge victorious come November 6, 2021.

You will recall that the journey to this point was a very tough one for many of us the aspirants, of which many of us paid a price to ensure that our Party remains united. I therefore advice everyone of you to put down your self-interest at this point, don’t allow your conduct in any way to drive our supporters away from this project. As ambassadors of PDP in this election, we must do our very best so as to accommodate millions of Anambrarians who have shown interest in this project.

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Ladies and gentlemen, may I categorically say that the success of our dear Party in the forthcoming election largely depends on us. I therefore believe that we must share the same level of commitment to the service of our Party, PDP. On a final note, I want to remind us that there are appreciable styles and rudiments for every event. One conduct that we must all adhere to moving forward, is to ensure that our meetings and electioneering activities are adorned with our Party colours. I therefore urge all our members to attend every event during this campaign period in our Party’s/candidate’s or any PDP uniforms. All hands must be on deck to ensure regular Ward stakeholders’ meetings.

Dear Party faithful, Efforts are on to ensure that all our aggrieved members are reconciled and re-united back to the Party, especially our great leaders Chief Chris Uba, and Chief Linus Ukachukwu amongst others. These are stakeholders that their support will be immeasurably needed.

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At this juncture, I will like to specially thank our leader in the State and Vice-Presidential Candidate of our Party in the 2019 election Mr. Peter Obi (Okwute-ndi-Igbo) for his good leadership style. I also appreciate our Party Chairman, Hon Chief Ndubuisi Nwobu, Senators and members of House of Representatives, House of Assembly members and every candidate of our Party in the last election.

In conclusion, I wish to extend my goodwill to our candidate, the incoming Governor of Anambra State Mr. Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, I encourage him to be strong and prepared for the task that is ahead of us. It is my firm believe that we will emerge victorious come November 6, 2021.

Thank you and God bless.

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