A Proof of Exceptionalism


By Daniel Ezeigwe

Governor Chukwuma Soludo isn’t a leader who comes every day. His breed is born once in every generation. Anambra is lucky. We’re looking at the kind of leader who is guided by discipline, foresight, and energy. Soludo is not your traditional politician. His political philosophy is hinged on creative disruption and pure governance.

Those are not so popular political models. In application and practice, creative disruption favours only the people. So, you should now understand why those who thought it was business as usual are angry with the governor for not loosening up the treasury.

The picture above tells a story of excellence. Though it would be the first award that Governor Soludo has won, this one comes at the time when political governance is begging for freedom. Governor Soludo is waking the talk. He’s firing on all cylinders in a manner that may never be seen in history. It takes a champion to recognize a champion. But Soludo isn’t just a champion. The man is science. #anambrafirst

What are your thoughts?

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