9 Reasons Why The World Loves Cristiano Ronaldo More Than Lionel Messi.

In the world of football today,the comparisons on who is better among the great legends CRISTIANO RONALDO and LIONEL MESSI has been going on for decades now. But truth be said the both are irreplaceable and no one be like them,but on this article i would show you why the football world loves Ronaldo than Messi.

Full name Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos avieo,he was born on 5th February,1985 in funchen, Portugal. Having being one the best paid player and a 5 time balloon d’or winner,the portugese international is known for his philanthropic acts and below are some his charitable deeds he has done that the world can’t forget.

http://9 Reasons Why The World Loves Cristiano Ronaldo More Than Lionel Messi.

1:In the year 2011, Cristiano Ronaldo placed his golden boot on auction,he realized £1.2 million from it and gave the money to the Gaza government to assist them in building their schools and tertiary institutions.

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2:Also in the December that year,Cristiano Ronaldo signed a shirt off his that was sold for £31,000,the Money was donated to save the children foundation and since 2012 he has many donations to that charity home.

3:In 2014,Being an ambassador for UNICEF and word vision,he divided his £450,000 bonus that he made from winning the champions league and shared it amongst the trios of the charity home.

4:The Juventus start has no tattoos and this is for a good reason,the 5 time balloon d’or winner donates blood every 3 months to clinics and medical homes who are in need of blood.Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t take alcohol for that reason so his blood would be pure and free for transfusion purposes.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating with teenagers

5:In 2013, he earned a prize of £87,000 from being named in the UEFA’s team of the year and this amazing prize Cristiano Ronaldo gave to the Red cross.

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6:In the year 2014,the 35 year old star donated £165,000 to the medical Cancer center in his Homeland Madeira that treated his mother and a 9 year old boy who also suffered from cancer.That same year he paid £55,000 for 10 months old boy Erik Ortiz cruz who had a brain surgery.

7:In 2015,The former Manchester United star was named as the MOST CHARITABLE SPORTSMAN IN THE WORLD by dosomething.org,for his great humanitarian deeds including when he donated £5 million to the victims of an earthquake that happened in Nepal.

Christiano Ronlado receiving the world best awards

8:In the 2016 champions league final,Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal in the penalty shootout, this earned him a bonus of £600,000 which donated to charity foundations. That same year he gave a huge donation to Save the children for food, clothing and medical care so as to reduce the plight of the children of Syria.

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9:A year later he auctioned the balloon d’or trophy he won in 2013 and he realized £530,00 from it.This was given wholeheartedly to Make-A-wish foundation (a foundation which creates live changing opportunities for the minors who are critically ill. The former real Madrid star gave a speech in 2013:

Cristiano Ronaldo

“My father always taught me that when you assist other people,God will give you double of it,and that has really happened to me.When I have helped those who are in need,God has also helped me more”. This is so unusual for many humans and that is what makes Cristiano Ronaldo unforgettable.Respect to the legend,he is one of kind.

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