300 Amazing Benefits From 30 LAWS FOR GOOD HEALTH BOOK By Dr. Olaosebikan

30 LAWS OF GOOD HEALTH book is here to help you recharge your health, protect your health, defend your health. So many benefits from one book! The author is medical doctor and Publisher.

  1. How much Oxygen do you really need every daily?
  2. Know the actual per cent age of oxygen in the air that you are breathing
  3. The total number of normal breaths you need to take everyday
  4. How to have adequate oxygen intake into your body daily
  5. Have you heard of oxygen bar or oxygen kiosk?
  6. Where oxygen goes into in the body
  7. The real work of oxygen in the body
  8. The percentage of water in the human body
  9. The volume of water you must drink daily
  10. Discover the seven main source of water for human consumption
  11. The Annual World Water Day?
  12. The most important food you must take daily and their health benefits?
  13. What are healthy foods?
  14. What are junk foods?
  15. Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day?
  16. What is the composition of balance diet?
  17. Know the most essential fruits for pregnant women
  18. Eighteen minerals needed by the body and their sources
  19. 15 vitamins your body needs every day
  20. List of 20 amino acids for good health
  21. Normal heart rates and blood pressure for men and women
  22. Normal level of Red blood cells in men and in women
  23. Normal levels of white blood cell in the body
  24. Ways to take good care of the heart
  25. List of common heart diseases
  26. What per cent age of people have essential hypertension
  27. How to prevent hypertension
  28. What tests are helpful to prevent cardiovascular diseases
  29. Discover hidden benefits of immunization
  30. Year the first vaccine was invented
  31. Name of doctor that produced the first vaccine
  32. List of 12 diseases with vaccines, the names of the inventors and years of their invention.
  33. Correct schedule for routine immunization for children
  34. List of diseases preventable with vaccinations
  35. Know the three types of prevention available
  36. Eight Guidelines for Infection Prevention control (IPC) approved by W.H.O
  37. What is healthy environment?
  38. What are the harmful effects of noise pollution?
  39. Twenty one qualities of healthy home
  40. Importance of diagnosis and twelve preventive uses
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