18+ : Psychosocial Effects Of Masturbation By Dr. Nnaemeka C. Abamara.

Masturbation is a psychological disorder that entails, the self stimulation of the genitals to achieve a sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to a point of achieving orgasm ( sexual climax or the height of sexual ecstasy, or sexual eldorado). It is commonly done by stroking, or massaging the penis or the clitoris until an orgasm is achieved. Some women on the verge of sexual erotism and estecysm also use the stimulation of the vagina to masturbate or use “sex toys,” such as a vibrator, and recently they locally use the fruit lobes of cucumber which could be dangerous. In some villages, young women use penile shaped cassava tubes as a masturbating instruments. Based on my recent survey and psychological assessments of some individuals. I found out that masturbation is a very common abnormality, even among people who have wives, husbands, or sex partners. In one national study, 95% of males and 89% of females reported that they have masturbated in their lives. Masturbation is the first sexual act experienced by most males and females at the time of puberty. In young children, masturbation is a normal part of the growing child’s exploration of his or her body. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, and may do so throughout their lives. Masturbation is also common among working class bachelors and single ladies.
Advantages and Disadvantages of masturbation:

  1. Masturbation has the advantage of protecting the victims from indulging in illicit sexual intercourse. By so doing the victim may not be predisposed to contact sexually transmitted diseases and Hiv/Aids. 2.The risk of unwanted pregnancy will be drastically reduced. The disadvantages inherent in it are as follows:
  2. The victims usually loose concentration when the urge arises. If the victim in question is a student, he or she may not be able to concentrate in reading his or her books. Such victims develop minds occupied with sexual fantasies, and mental images of overwhelming hallucinatory sexual partners. About six years ago I treated a client (a medical student) that masturbates 4hrs every night. His indulgent in this sexual fantasies affected his academic performance, and was nearly asked to withdraw from the medical school.
  3. Masturbation affects sexual relationship of couples. Such victims may not see any thing enticing in their wives and husbands . Please don’t waste away in silence, we are here to rehabilitate people with this abnormality. At the instance of this psychological abnormality, do not hesitate to consult a qualified Clinical Psychologist.
    Dr. Nnaemeka C. Abamara.
    Consultant Clinical Psychologist.
    Dept of Psychology, Unizik Awka.

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