120, Igbo Traders and Businessmen killed by Fulani herdsmen- Igbo Group

Fulani herdsmen

Three luxurious  buses  belonging to  Ezenwata   Motor  that  plies from the East to  the  North as well as from  West  to  North, were waylaid  by  Fulani herdsmen  also called bandit, also  called  bokoharam, also  called  herdsmen,  also called terrorists, also  called islamists and  who are always  muslims.

Fulani herdsmen
Fulani herdsmen

The  kidnap  was effected plausibly  by the  help of  Nigerian police  force  because  the  muslims wore  police  uniform while carrying out  the  operation  along  Abuja  Kaduna  Highway.

They commandeered  the drivers of  the  vehicles into  the  forest part  where   there  is  a plausible  police  station, and  on reaching there they  ordered  the  occupants out  and  slaughtered  them all, while  the  vehicles  have  been  retrieved.

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Voice from the  East –VEAST, an Igbo  Group   while   giving the  gory account  which many papers have  carried  already, Comrade  Kindness  Jonah, Convener  of  VEAST, said  that Igbos  should rise up and  enter their  forests  and  chase  out  Fulaniherdsmen with  any  weapon they  can  locally amass  without reference top any  outside as Yorubas are doing in Amotekun. 

Speaking  further, Comrade  Jonah noted that  the  Nigerian security  can no longer be relied upon in contending the  rising  spate  of  killings Fulani herdsmen   because  the military and police  have  been  seriously  compromised  being  islamized, and  so cannot  really fight  islam , adding  further that  Buhari  was  carrying out  islamic  agenda  which was  the  reason why  the  legal  system, the military apparatus, the  education system, the  financial system , as well as  the political system  have all been islamized  by Buhari. 

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Speaking further , Comrade Jonah said  that Nigerian Army  and  entire  military  absorb  captured bokoharam members into  the Nigerian army under the  satanic  guise  of  DE-RADICALIZATION, and  wondered  how  a  killer  and  a terrorist  can be  de-radicalized  when the very essence of his  killing  is    pleasing allah, the  god of  islam, stressing  that   religion being  the opium of the masses  means  that   nothing  but  obedience  can  really   please  a religious  radical. 

Comrade  Jonah  , therefore, christened  the so called de-radicalization a  shear  deceitful  scheme  islamically  called takiya  by  Mohamedanic  powers  to foster islamization  agenda.

  Speaking  again, Comrade Jonah noted that Buhari has failed Nigerians  in all fora and  should  resign  forthwith. He , therefore, gave automatum to  President  Muhammadu  Buhari  to  provide  the plausible   butchered  Igbo Traders, while  calling  on all Igbos  to  enter their  forests  with  anything  they  can  muster as weapon  and  chase out  Fulaniherdsmen, else, Fulaniherdsmen  would  kill  them off, calling  the  killing, islamization  agenda.

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