Peter Obi arrested in Abuja reports that there was confusion over whether former Governor of Anambra state was arrested  this evening but nobody was willing to confirm the arrest and why but below was what we saw circulating by an unknown author.
We are gradually getting to the anti-climax in the soured relationship between Gov. Willie Obiano and the man that single handed made him the Governor, Mr. Peter Obi known as ORACLE, IJELE NDI SOUTH and ONOWU ANAMBRA STATE.
In the past, a lot have been written about all aspects of the misunderstanding, including the sponsorship of many petitions by the Government to the EFCC against Obi.
The climax was actually the public apology (Comical display)  by Gov. Willie ` to Mr. Peter Obi during the burial mass of Fr. Tagbo, who was their principal at Christ the King College, Onitsha.
Immediately after the appointment of Chief Victor Umeh as the Director General of Obiano’s re-election Campaign, he held a lengthy meeting with Obiano during which they agreed that the era of seeking peace was gone and that they should face Obi head-on.
They agreed that they should sponsor a Fabricated and serious petition against Obi to the EFCC.
Obiano said that the previous attempt to get the EFCC arrest him did not succeed, due to the fact that nothing concrete was discovered against him from the accounts of the State.
Last Week, Obiano gave instructions that all the contracts did under Obi through direct Labour should be examined with the aim of sniffing out something that would make meaning to the EFCC and ICPC.
The person coordinating this latest effort of Obiano’s  is his Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Mr. Mark Okoye, the Boy who is in charge of our treasury, he manages the selling of all our FOREIGN COMPONENTS saved by same Peter Obi, also all the Projects Obi started and set aside fund to finish which was diverted .
Though he was only SSA during Obi’s Government, the only reason Obiano retained him and made him a Commissioner was because he lies to him that he had Obi’s dirty dealings at the back of his palms.
Obiano now want him to produce those dirty dealings which he has been trying to manufacture for a very long time without success .
They have also directed the Accountant General’s office and the Ministry of Works to examine all files thoroughly on what Obi did with Direct Labour.
Mr. Mark Okoye has relocated his office to the office of the Accountant General for the assignment.
Obiano and Umeh boasted that Obi would not campaign as they have perfected the plan for his arrest by the EFCC to be at the thick of the campaign.
They are working on the theory that whatever  was found against him or whatever frame up against him must be made to work this time around.
They have therefore mapped out millions of Naira to use to induce the any or the Agency that is ready to do their bidding .
Obiano is hoping on the plan that even if EFCC or ICPC arrest him for a day, when he talks during campaign, Obiano and Umeh’s Media will ask him to go and clear himself from the anti-grafts agencies first.
We are watching the drama in which Obiano, Victor Umeh and Mark Okoye are the joint protagonists.

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