Biafra flag: Does it make sense

                             Biafra flag: Does it make sense 

It is not uncommon to see the Biafra flag hoisted, particularly in vehicles. It announces to you that the person involved is pro-Biafra. Not every believes in that but supports the cause for Biafra sovereignty. Try asking all the people I have met to explain what it stands for, none has been able to explain what the colours stands. 

Red represents the blood of those massacred in the north. Black is for mourning them and in remembrance. Green is for prosperity and the half of a yellow/golden sun stands for a glorious future. The sun has eleven rays, representing the eleven provinces of Biafra.

So why carry a flag that you know nothing about in the name of agitation. Does it make sense or is it the case of mob mentality. American medical doctor, Dr. Colbert said what you don’t may killing you and quite I agree with him. I see a parallel in the Biafra agitators, a flag you know about is not only killing your intelligence, it elevating your ignorance. 

Though each colour and the symbol on the flag represent something, personally, I’m not impressed with colours of the flag. If we happen into Biafra, I would suggest for a more beautiful design. Such is allowed, New Zealand, not long changed her flag. What do you think.

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