WHO discovers cure for Bully Ulcer (eni ure)

WHO trains informants in Idemili South
…Discovers New Drug for Bully Ulcer (eni ure)

Story by Uzo Ugwunze, Ojoto

World Health Organization (WHO) Anambra State has just concluded their 2nd phase training of Community informants at the Idemili South Local Government Council(IDSLGA) headquarters, Ojoto.
The WHO facilitators said that a new drug for treatment of Bully Ulcer   (eniure) has been recently been discovered.
The WHO Anambra State facilitator, Dr W Onuorah mentioned several identifiable tropical disease and ailments and taught the community informants on how to recognize the symptoms and where to channel their reports as soon such medical cases where seen.
Some of the disease mentioned include: yellow fever – symptoms” jaundice, hotness of the body, yellowish eye within two weeks”.
Neonatal tetanus – symptoms ‘Any newborn with normal ability to suck and cry but between 3rd and 28th days of age cannot suck normally and becomes stiff or has convulsion’
Guinea worm – symptoms  ‘when you see a sore on the leg or any part of the body with worm coming out of it’.
Measles –symptoms ‘Maculo papuler rash and fever, conjunctivitis (red eye), cough, coryza (running nose)’
Polio – symptoms ‘weakness of the limbs with fever
Accute flaccid Paralysis -symptoms weakness or floppiness of the limb of from 0 < 15 years.
Other ailment includes Entelo virus (non polio); GBS virus, Tranvers mellitus, TBS(Tuberclosis), ECO viruses , Drug reactions of any type; and Bully Ulcers which was earlier believed to be a superstitious infection.
Dr Onuorah said that Bully Ulcer now has drug for its treatment.
He told the informants to call the Disease Surveillance Notification officer (DSNO) in the Health Authority in IDSLG council, Mrs Ofuonu Esther.
Mrs Ofuonu encouraged the informants that every phone call they make will be paid for and all other efforts made to ensure the sick person gets treatment after undergoing laboratory tests would be paid for by WHO.
The Supervisory Councilor for Health, Hon Edozie Mmaduabum reminded the informants that their duties were voluntary and is like a seed sown for posterity and God to reward them, urging them to do their best to ensure epidemic and endemic diseases were eradicated from all the seven communities in IDSLGA.

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