Anambra 2017: Dr Alex Obiogbolu says ‘’I am stubborn’’? reports that the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) governorship aspirant in the November 18 Anambra state guber polls, Dr Alex Obiogbolu said that the claims in some quaters that he is stubborn is unfounded.

Dr Obiogbolu during an interaction with some PDP stakeholders in Nnewi yesterday said that claim that he is stubborn is an erroneous impression of his person as he is a reputed team player.

The governorship aspirant who described stubbornness as having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so said the word can not be used to describe him.

"I am strong willed and as such hold strong views on issues which I readily soft pedal when superior arguments are deduced. I am a proven team player as I have served in public offices and so it is not difficult running a check on my background and I certainly cannot be labelled stubborn as they may want to infer.

"As a person, I have always preferred those who spoke their minds on issues to those who keep mute posing as if butter would not melt in their mouths. I was trained to speak my mind and stand strongly by my belief and I have been so grateful to God that this trait has helped me on several occasions and even granted me the great privilege to be God’s hand to help in hopeless situations.

He recounted an experience in which he had to abandon his trip for a political meeting to help a pregnant woman and the commercial motorcyclist that carried her after they fell into a ditch filled with faeces.

"I was heading to a political campaign meeting and we were just three in the car, I was at the rear trying to flip through the dailies, as I hate to miss reading newspapers every day. As we exited from the end of GRA along the sole route leading to Nkwelle and Nsugbe via 33, we crossed the very small bridge and began to climb the steep road. Traffic along that road about that time of the day is usually light.

" As I looked up from the newspaper I was glancing through, the road ahead was clear with only a motorbike coming down the sloped road. I buried back my head in the papers and some moment later I looked up again.

" Suddenly I did not see the motor bike again, and I believed that at the speed it had been moving and the distance apart from us, there was no way it could have passed us talk less of not being behind us. I asked my driver and PA if they saw a motor bike in our front few moments earlier and when they both responded in the negative, I began to ask myself if I was day dreaming or it was a dejavour. 

The PDP guber aspirant said his mind reassured him that he saw a motor-bike and then requested his driver to stop the vehicle as his PA reminded me that they were already running late but his insistence he stressed helped safe the woman and the Okada man who had fallen into a big ditch.

Dr Obiogbolu said emphatically that negative comments as “stop wasting your money”, "our votes wont count" or “they won’t want someone from Onitsha” would deceive not make him to succumb as he is prepared to go the whole hog.

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