The Value of Ibo Assets in the Nigerian Territory by Mazi Peter Ejirika

Umu Mazi, Ndi Biafra:

It appears the issue of the value of Ibo Assets in the Nigerian Territory has arisen again. In the interest of the Younger Generation of Biafrans, this was the major reason why we lost the war. Strategically, Biafra lost the war the moment Nigeria landed her troops on the shores of the Bonny River, otherwise known as Finnema Island.  Why was Nigeria able to land their troops on this Island, one may ask? The only conceivable reason is that the Prewar Generation of Nnewi Men who dominated the Financial Management of Biafra were misappropriating the funds designated for prosecuting the war. Barrister Mojekwu, Ojukwu's Cousin and the Nnewi Mafia lead by the Grand Wizard destroyed the well constructed plan to para-drop troops behind the Nigerian Lines which were at that time along the County lines of Ulakwo and Umuagwo.  Barrister Mojekwu and the Nnewi Mafia who were more concerned with their assets in the Nigerian Territory made away with the funds designated for this specific operation.  For those of us in the Biafran Air Force who were deployed to marshal the plane and the accessories into Biafra were stranded in Hotel DeTorres on Avenida De Torem in Lisboa, Portugal.  But with the heavenly intervention of Archbishop Arinze of the Papacy our hotel bills were settled and we returned to Biafra via Uli Air Strip. Can Biafrans understand why Nnewi cannot lead us again?  I am prepared to meet Dr. Ikedife, the grand wizard and the rest of the Mafia Bunch in any court of their choice but not Sharia court because we don't have any Islamic nonentity who poses as a lawyer unless Emeka Emesiri, the paralegal. From a colonial historical perspective, Nigeria is like India in most respects, just as Pakistanis treated their assets in India and Bangladesh, Biafra will treat its own in a like manner. So Biafrans should not be deceived by the convoluted views of Dr. Ikedife, the Grand Wizard of Nnewi Mafia and Vincent Ndubuisi Anasomething.  Suffice to state. that as far as the Ibo Assets in the Nigerian Territory are concerned, Biafra will adopt the Pakistani and Bangladesh Model. 
Umu Mazi, Ndi Biafra Udodiriunu.

Mazi Peter Ejirika

The Value of Ibo Assets in the Nigerian Territory by Mazi Peter Ejirika The Value of Ibo Assets in the Nigerian Territory by Mazi Peter Ejirika Reviewed by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu on Monday, May 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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