Okorocha declares whistle blowing legal in Imo

www.odogwublog.com reports that Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha has declared whistle blowing legal in the state as part of the activities marking the Imo freedom day celebrated at the weekend.
Governor Okorocha who addressed over  ten thousand citizens of the state at the popular Freedom Square, Owerri noted that whistle blowing is not limited to financial crimes but can also as a check on the activities of government. "jou can blow whistle when jou frem we are not doping well,it is not only to report theft of money" Okorocha said.
Earlier,those with various grievances  submitted their petitions with the state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) which anchored the occasion.
While declaring the event open, Governor Okorocha said that he never benefited from the Politics of godfatherism adding that when he ran election for the governorship in the State in 2011 he was “literally rejected by the political juggernauts.
According to him "No single politician of note was standing with me. This was perhaps the only election in the history of Nigeria that was won by the Support of the ordinary people and not by the support of Political elite, security agencies and money bags”.
He continued, “my Victory came from God and the people. And that was why I have been saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that I fulfill that which I promised my God to make life better for the ordinary man and release them from captivity. That is my journey and that is my story. And those of you who had followed me could recall that in the Political history of Nigeria there had been nothing like Supplementary election till my own election”.
He further remarked “My understanding of Supplementary election is do all things possible to prevent Rochas from becoming the governor of Imo State. This is the meaning of Supplementary election which today is holding Nigeria in a Political bondage. It took the intervention of the masses to force INEC to do the needful in declaring me governor. That was my story and this was the struggle. Exactly on the 6th of May 2011 when everything done to stop me was not possible. My mandate given to me by the people spoke against all forces in the state”.
Governor Okorocha explained further “I try to use this Freedom Square to dramatize what I saw in Imo State when I came in. The statue demonstrates a man who has endured untold hardship, ignorance, lack, systematic poverty, living in a society that is morally bankrupt; that was the situation of Imo State when I came. People were about to give up on politicians and leadership because of the sufferings and deceit but a hand of help came. This is what we are Celebrating today as rescue mission” Okorocha said.
“Today opportunity has come for you to express yourselves on those things that have bothered you and kept us in chain all this while. This is the true meaning of Imo Freedom Day. Some of you are angry with me or my Political appointees, some are not happy with the way their traditional ruler or stakeholders in their communities have dealt with them. Some of you are not happy with the way the police arrested you or for one thing or the other and have not had the opportunity to express their feelings; this is the reason of this Freedom Square. I want to provide for all Imolites a forum to express themselves so that we can build a society full of trust and hope”.Okorocha stated.
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